20 quotes by William Shakespeare, opens to the world the person inside

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William Shakespeare — a poet of genius and incomparable master of words. His works reveal the essence of human relationships, and the lives of his characters overflowing with passion and tumultuous emotions. He penetrated deep into the soul and reveals subtle and at the same time an immense inner world of man.

Can fall in love in beauty, but to love — only to soul!
If a sharp word left a trace, we’d all walked around covered.

Every madness has its own logic.
True love cannot speak, because the true feeling is expressed rather than the words.
Few words, there weight they have.
Nothing is eternal under the moon.
We know who we are, but know not what we may be.
Love runs from those who are chasing her and runs away, throws himself on the neck.
The sins of others to judge You so hard rushes, start with their own and other people do not get.
Word finish dead silence.
No one is good enough to teach others.
Not a sign of heartlessness — silence. Thunders only that empty inside.
Most people prefer foolish wisdom, because stupidity is funny, and sad wisdom.
It is better to light one candle than forever curse the darkness.
The rose smells like a rose, though a rose by any other name no.
The better the aim, the aim we metche.
The success of sharp words depends more on the listening ear than the language of the speaker.
Crazy before my love, that evil in you don’t notice me.
In any business, to succeed, you need a certain amount of madness.
Doubt in dignity is cowardly self-destruction.

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