Lie upon lie and a lie urge on

Returning to the gospel’s parable, I want to urge my fellow believers to abandon the bias against the Pro-Soviet views of their neighbors. To stop seeing them “Samaritans” and to see the possible fate of the Fatherland. I understand that it raises questions about the true motives of that zeal. Criterion for evaluation and can be the pursuit of historical truth, and not propaganda lies. This is the framework within which it is possible to unite patriots from “white” and “red” in difficult times for the Fatherland minute.
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Cultural layer

Original taken from starcheolog in What cultural layer


Recently, I was again asked to tell what the “cultural layer” and the like is formed. To many it seems incredible, the fact that the cultural layer in the city can have several meters. In the end, I wrote this post, which was just tried, but elaborate on the cultural layer and the regularities of its formation (especially that about every year we tell in the classroom of the circle and the archaeological materials accumulated quite a lot). The post turned out pretty long, but hopefully interesting.
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The mad world of Russian ones. In Kazan for “separatism” was arrested by the enemy separatists

In Kazan for “separatism” was arrested by the enemy separatists

31.12.2015 published author Sergey Gupalo in the news section
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Again what they failed to notice “the history”

Well it is far more complicated than historians in their narrow-mindedness and absolute technical ignorance,do they realize that the appearance of the gears in the early 19th century completely negates their entire history.

But for those who do not understand, let me try to explain: who drew the tundra! You can sell that great Suvorov – Figaro here, there viagara – dug canals on the North of the Empire, but now some of the Varangians were sent to line the tundra:
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