How and why you’re being watched by Google, Facebook and Microsoft

Did you know that Google will retain forever every your search requestand was Inbox in Google Mail gives you the ability to associate the searches with your real name? This collection of personal information gives the opportunity to show you personally that is that you most likely interested.

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Yellowstone. A glass of tea twelve. Last

What threatens the population of the United States (call it the community of different races, religions, and bluish-pink of tolerance with people I did not get). What happened in Turkey and how it relates to manic idea of the author about the suicide bombing of the Yellow stone.

For those who first turned to this series of articles, reported that beginning here:
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“Ghostbusters 3: the movie, which we will not see

Original taken from kiri2ll in “Ghostbusters 3: the movie, which we will not see

Released a remake of “Ghostbusters” has gone down in history as the most hated film in advance. But the hype around him, one question remained unanswered: why, in fact, a remake, not a sequel? After all the talk about the third part of “Hunters” lasted for several decades. In 2014, Sony has promised that the sequel’s going to start shooting. How is it that instead of “Ghostbusters 3” we have “Hunters”? Let’s deal.

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The collapse of a utopia of diversity

Many probably noticed that the last week or two our city is covered with cartoon “Zeropolis”. The trailer, which Bunny and the Fox are attending some official institution, state, staffed by sloths, it seemed promising. “Pussies are for children, and our brother will entertain the social satire” — I thought. Basically, the forecast was justified
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It’s time okuitelno stories!

The new birth of the Tauride national University named after Vernadsky in Kiev, was even more successful than expected. The admissions Committee of the University opened for the second week, and every day in the lobby of the “Crimean home”, where they take the documents, collected tens and even hundreds wishing to study in the “University-refugee TNU.
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