“A prisoner of the apes


Lives in Sweden currently faring is Mrs. Eva Sulman (Eva Sohlman). Does the writing ostropoliticheskie Wikipedia in different democratic media, and lately very interested in Crimea. Goes to visit, haunting the cities and villages, and the results of business trips of tours writes an interesting travelogue. For example, the following text: In the Crimea come back kings. The theme of the Crimea and all sorts of different monarchs, to be honest, I found these so often that it should not be neglected. What is singing his song lady Sulman?
She says about herself as the great granddaughter of a prominent pre-revolutionary leader of the Crimean Victor Karlovich Winberg, a Swede, who served the Russian Empire.

Swedish kind of Sulmanov really intertwined with the aristocratic Russian names Obolensky and Vinberg.
In this sense, the article by Ms. Sulman, published in The New York Times is very interesting.
First, the kind of Vinberg rich history of pre-revolutionary history, and his great merits for the white emigre movement.
Secondly, the same can be said of aristocratic surname Obolensky, which was hogged in a song eternal Martyr – Gusar-Malinin.
Thirdly, both these kind of wonderful way collaborated at various times with various “friends” of Russia-the USSR — with the Germans and with the Americans. For example, Fyodor Viktorovich Vinberg of some sources with undisguised pride called neither more nor less Russian friend Hitler. This nice man even wrote a book about the days spent in captivity by the Reds, which he called simple and unpretentious: In the thrall of the apes.
Fourth, there is an interesting detail: the father of the journalist eve Sulman Michael Sulman was a long time President of the Nobel Foundation, and his grandfather was Rolf Ragnarok Sulman.
History: Rolf Sulman was born 24 Oct 1900 in Karlskoga. His father, Ragnar Sulman, was friendly with the family of Nobels since studying at the Royal Institute of technology (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan) in the late 1880s when he met the son of Robert and Ludwig Nobel a later — in 1888 — he went to Baku. In the years 1890-1893 Ragnar Sulman worked in America, and in 1893 became assistant to Alfred Nobel and one of its Trustees. Later — the Director of Nobel enterprises in Before. In 1896, under the will of Alfred Nobel, became his executor. For several subsequent years he was preoccupied with the organization of the Nobel Foundation, and in the years 1929-1946 was the Executive Director of the Fund.
In General, if we seek the reasons for the issuance of the Nobel prizes of anti-Soviet, Pasternak, Solzhenitsyn and Brodsky — it is possible to rummage in the family relations of Sulimanov-Obolensky-Winzerhof.
More fierce anti-Soviet, written in the Western elite to look for — you will not find.
Caught the eye ina snippet from an interview with Michael Sulman echo of Moscow“:

M. PESHKOVA: copies of the book, unfortunately, is very small. Such families and such books in Russia, not so much. Why there was a gap between 19 year and 25 in the memories of your mom?
M. SULMAN: That’s a very good question. First, they are in Crimea… They miraculously survived from different incidents during the civil war. For example, one of my aunt, one of her colleague (she was a nurse) asked to change there duty. In the duty in which it was originally written, came the Bolsheviks and killed everyone…

Mr. head of the Nobel Foundation a little bit confusing. To kill the wounded and the nurses was in the tradition of the Nazis, with whom the friends were relatives of the Mr. Sulemana (see above, Russian friend Hitler). And there are documentary evidence, unlike Gustavo bullshit based on someone’s memoirs, based on somebody’s words. OPS (one grandmother said), in short, as the whole the GULAG Archipelago, which, by the way, Mr. Solzhenitsyn got the Nobel prize.
Well, here is to article eve Sulman.
In it she describes with disgust surprise neomonarchical hysteria (otherwise it’s hard to call it that) of the modern Crimean authorities.

You just need to feel, with what contempt Sulman says in the article about modern Crimean officials, raising the banner of her family. It is very noticeable how the Crimean elite impregnated with this desire to “cling” to pre-revolutionary Russia which we lost”.
And the descendants of the aristocratic families (perespevshie with the Nazis and U.S. intelligence later), run into circulation forgery called “the Protocols of the elders of Zion” — how arrogant disdain about the desire!
“It seems that the Crimean leaders get prominent reformers from the grave, and each elects a representative of the former Empire, using them as a kind of electoral mascot. Sheremet told me that in this day in Yalta place posters with a picture of my great-grandfather.”
They believe their own any pages of history related to Russia, “said analyst Alexei Makarkin, operating in the Moscow Center for political technologies.
Vinberg built in the Crimea schools, hospitals and housing for workers. In 1881, he called for the creation of a representative government, for which he received seven years of exile and contemptuous nickname of the tsarist secret police, as evidenced in its documents. The Sheremet is a totally different story. He worked as an apprentice Turner and commanded the so-called people’s militia, which helped the Russian special forces during the seizure of Crimea. Because of this, Sheremet included in the sanctions list of the EU. After the annexation of the militia singled out the assault troops for the confiscation of property and to suppress critics of the annexation, including the Tatars.
The historical ties advertised on the posters caused a bit puzzled discussion. Member of the Yalta city Council Love Gribkova speaks enthusiastically about the Russian heritage of Crimea, which during her Soviet childhood was banned. According to her, Sheremet became a local herobecause he played a significant role in establishing the Russian authorities. But to point out the real connection between these two people
[Sheremet and Vinberg] she never managed.
My Russian family abroad has been shaken. “They use the photo and any decent person, pretending they’re very decent people”, — said during a phone interview living in France, Prince Alexis Obolensky, a painter and grandson pictured on the poster Obolensky.
So for me, when I later got a call from reception Sheremet and offered to do a video about the Works, I refused.

I wonder how the Crimean officials will swallow this slap in the face? When they actually called the rogues taking over other people’s palaces, “the disciples of Turner, attach themselves to the glitter of old uniforms?
And generally, these here poklonskii-Aksenov-fungal-Sheremeta aware that if these are the descendants of Royal families really return to Russia — that they-that these descendants will be flogged first at the stables?
You know local fans of the Royal aristocratic families (to which representatives of these genera think the polls are descendants of the Soviet subhumans) which subject do they play?
All these games are very similar to modern neo-Nazi manifestations in Ukraine. All these Wolfsangel, swastikas and other evidence of worship in Ukraine of Ukrainians to the ideology of Nazism. The Nazis did not understand that in case of return of the Nazis, their fate will be the same as the other untermensch.
There is of course another option. Seminarista” part of the elite of the Crimea seeks to realize the so-called Belkovsky plan“under which the current government in Russia must be replaced with the participation and under the pressure of external forces:

The future of Russia: “Vladimir Putin, in my opinion, to leave the presidential Palace alive. This is its great advantage over Hugo Chavez. I pray that he is as fast as possible is realized.
First. Parliamentary Republic – need to move from a presidential to a parliamentary Republic… Maybe it should be veiled in the form of a constitutional monarchy, because the Russian people love beautiful and historically legitimate authority.
Personality is Prince Harry, the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales, because you can prove and I will undertake to prove that he is the legitimate heir to the Romanov dynasty…
Third, Amnesty. 500 thousand people should go free. They are active people, who constitute the vast social base of the new government.
And finally, most importantly, what should happen is the elimination of the Russian Orthodox Church and Moscow Patriarchate as a legal entity, and its transformation into a Confederation of independent congregations. All of this is the program of the opposition, which is supported by the millions…

If it works out“, then this part of the elite, apparently, saved the role of governors-policemen subduing a slave Russian cattle.
In General, it looks praecognitum way. As there called his book “Russian friend Hitler“? “A prisoner of the apes“?
These monkeys taking over the Royal palaces and try on the uniforms of the Imperial itself is not red in 1917. Red these trinkets hated and fought over the new world as they had imagined.
Real monkeys are those who, by faithful observation of Mrs. Sulman, get prominent reformers from the grave, and, using their portraits as a magical amulets, getting to the polls.

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