About another victory for Putin

Original taken from burckina_faso in About another victory for Putin

The other day I suggested to write about what Russia pork production came out at 6th place in the world. OK, write. However, I don’t see any reason for pride. If we went out on sixth place by consumption of meat in the world, it was a real reason to be proud of, but for now take a look at what places for the production of food in the world was the Soviet Union. Let’s start with the meat:

The USSR then at the 3rd place in the world. Waiting for the excuses and moans in the style of the Putin-Medvedev that it was not the meat and bones that the meat in stores wasn’t and other nonsense inhabitants
However, it was the way it was. The data source statslink “agro-industrial complex of the USSR for 1990.”
Now milk:

Here the USSR took a well deserved 1st place. However now to the Duo of Putin and Medvedev may be added Navalny, who still remembers how in his childhood he was standing in the queue for milk. Normal is the trio you get from liberals-Antonovka, not understanding basic things that the queues for cheaper products are destroyed at the time of the introduction of market prices for them. However, after that people start dramatically less to eat and more to die, but when liberals cared about such things? Importantly, there was no queue and there was toilet paper, right?




In General, the USSR in all major indicators 1-3 took place. Even for the production of grapes has won the 2nd place after France. But will we be proud, as we are asked to be proud of 6th place Russia on pork? No, we will be fishing season-medevedeva-bulk only tell you about how they choked in the queue for cheap meat-milk instead of going to the market and buy it for their beloved market price. Without the queue!

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