About double standards in Runet

Before you get to the point, reminiscent of “the Rules of debate in the blog”.

In early January, ago the whole Russian Internet literally exploded from some kind of “news”:
In Belgorod doctor in the emergency room, killed one patient and was beaten to a pulp the second.

All nepolzhivye and liberoidnye media (including politrade soup and matzo) instead of waiting for the trial and literally choking with hatred of the “doctor-killer”, called almost to the lynching. Has not bypassed it and Comte, where passions were running high is not a child. In late March, a trial was held, where he was pronounced is to be expected ahangarani sentence. But it’s not about that.
On may 28 this year there were at least resonant case, only with the opposite sign. The relatives of the patient in the emergency Department of Orekhovo-Zuevsky TSGB № 1 beat three doctors, one of which was in a hospital bed with a severe concussion. And what is the response liberoidnuyu media? Complete silence.
The news came the morning of may 31 on the channel “life”, it was also posted video footage of the hospital. The icing on the cake was the fact that the beating took place in the presence of police officers who not only did not stop the chaos, but didn’t think to hold it arranged.
What we are seeing in the Internet and not online media? News reluctantly and without much outcry spread to the news feeds, and a few of the channels outlined it in the news. The blogosphere generally keeps about this dead silence.
The interesting thing is that the beating of doctors with patients occur frequently and regularly, but no special reaction media and the public can’t seem to get.
So, on may 23 in Moscow beaten by a brigade of “first”.
May 31, about an hour nights in Irkutsk beaten brigade “fast”.
19 February in Chelyabinsk beaten by the surgeon, with injuries of moderate severity was in the hospital.
On 20 February in Solnechnogorsk beaten workers in the Ambulance.
19 April in St. Petersburg beaten by a pediatrician.
On 9 April 2016 at the hospital MBUZ CGB g. Goryachiy Klyuch, there was another scandalous incident with beating of the doctors. Judging by what is written on the link – the beating of doctors in Krasnodar Krai are quite commonplace.
In March 2016 in Volgograd was beaten by the surgeon.
27 January in Samara beaten by a brigade of “first”.
And so on… Look for yourself, you will find a bunch more like that. I’m not talking about the many cases that do no not get.
Somehow these cases no resonance in Runet did not cause, although all are quite revealing.
Now try to answer two questions:
1. Who and why was the hysteria raised in January about the so-called “doctor-killer”?
2. Isn’t it time for our legislators to equate the attack on the medical officer in the performance of official duties, well, at least for the assault on the police officer? Public danger of such actions is about the same.
I, for example, the answers to these questions are quite clear…

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