About Ministry of education Vasilyev, first estimations

August 19 became known that the new Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation instead of Dmitry Livanov will be Olga Vasilyeva, Deputy Directorate for public works projects of the presidential Administrationhttp://kremlin.ru/acts/news/52733)
Help RT:

Olga Vasilieva (born 1960) received the conducting and choral studies at the Moscow state Institute of culture and later also graduated from the faculty of international relations of the Diplomatic Academy and the history faculty of the Moscow pedagogical Institute.
In 1990, after graduating from the Institute of Russian history RAS, defended thesis on the theme “the Soviet state and the Patriotic activity of the Russian Orthodox Church during the great Patriotic war.” In 1999, he received the degree of doctor of historical Sciences, presenting on his dissertation “the Russian Orthodox Church in Soviet state policies in 1943-1948.”. Until 2002 he worked in the Center for the history of religion and the Church of the Institute of Russian history, including as the head, then headed the Department of Church-state relations in the RASS.
He was a member of the Council on the preparation of programs for the course “history of Russia” at the Ministry of education of Russia, was also part of the Commission for Affairs of religious associations under the government. In addition, a record Vasilyeva — editor in chief of the journal “State, religion and Church in Russia and abroad”.
Worked Olga Vasilieva and in the presidential administration, where he held the position of Deputy head of Department on public projects.
Bibliography Vasilyeva has about 150 scientific papers, including 7 monographs. Some of them published in international journals. In the works of Vasilyeva mainly discusses the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the history of Russia XX century.

Total before us a man with three higher educations, the Orthodox (and since childhoodprobably this is connected with the first conducting and choral education, you will agree it is poorly joined to a further trajectory), with services to domestic science on the subject of relations between Church and state.
In the 90s he studied science in the 2000s began to participate in obsestvennoe life. When I started working in the presidential administration, no one has reported (“…in recent years,” writes a highly professional team of RIA Novosti).
Interestingly, different compilers reference called a different number of scientific papers by Olga Vasilyeva: 110 (AMF) to 240 (RIA Novosti). I guess the acceptable to rely on the assessment of RT – 150 articles and 7 monographs – to ascertain.
Blogger russkiy_malchik notes nekomplimentarnost articles Pro-Western and liberal media about the new Minister of education:

…As wrote “Kommersant” in 2013, one of the most successful project management in which she worked Vasiliev, in the first year of its existence was the exhibition “Orthodox Russia. The Romanovs” in the Arena. Visitors, in particular, told how the Romanov dynasty defeated internal and external enemies”, and the Decembrists had planned to plunge Russia into a “bloody chaos of strife. Vladimir Putin spoke positively about the exhibition.
…Olga Vasilieva claims that it is “objective” approach to history teaching, but with reservations. “I think we made almost a fatal mistake, when in the 1990-ies uprooted concepts such as patriotism, love for the Fatherland, heroism. Now we are reaping the bitter fruits: young people have great difficulty understanding that each tragic episode in the life of the country needs to respond,” — said the future Minister of education in an interview.
…”Kommersant” noted that the management of public projects was working on the concept of Patriotic education of youth of Russia. The document adopted at the end of 2015. The concept States that adolescents should be taught “moral, psychological and physical readiness to defend the Fatherland, fidelity to the constitutional and military duty”. And you must be prepared to form a “Patriotic consciousness in the difficult conditions of economic and geopolitical competition”.
…In a closed lecture about patriotism for the members of the party “United Russia” Olga Vasilyeva told that “Stalin, for all the shortcomings of the state benefit because on the eve of war were engaged in the unity of the nation, revived the heroes of pre-revolutionary Russia and promoted in Russian language and literature, by and large, and helped to win the war.”
…Olga Vasileva was a member of the working group on the development of the standard of history teaching in schools, and have also read on the forum “Tavrida” a lecture to young teachers of history. She regularly speaks to governors, teachers of the social Sciences, the staff of management of internal policy of presidential administration on the subject of Patriotic education. In 2013 he presented to the heads of departments of social Sciences in Russian universities the report “the Value aspects of the policy of Vladimir Putin”.

As anyone, I just like everything.

…The source of “Vedomosti”, close to the current leadership of the Ministry, called the new education Minister “extreme conservative”. “It’s just a guard”, — said the interlocutor of the edition appointment of Vasilyeva. According to him, the candidacy of Vasilyeva was called in discussions, “but it was about the same as the candidacy of [state Duma Deputy] Irina Yarovaya, as it is a radical option.” “Kommersant” described it as “a propagandist of the ideas of conservatism and patriotism.” The source of RBC stated that it was “intelligent historian” and “strong patriot.”

And now we see the video, which recorded the horrifying (“help!”) the activities of radical conservative patriot Olga Vasilyeva. She noted this year on the Territory of Meanings:

What we see here:

  • – positive assessment of education in the Stalinist period
  • – comparison of the 1917 and 1991 years
  • positive value system on the continuity of Russian history
  • is a negative evaluation periods, the denial of a United national history
  • – rejection of the myth in performance tuning of Light (Korotich)
  • – positive assessment of statistics Zemskova
  • – a solid Foundation for building the future considers patriotism, and in the historical, not the ethnic sense
  • – giving the status of historical values of the current historical-cultural standard
  • as an indication of the importance of the ideological platform of the teacher of humanitarian subjects

“…finally got together and realized that to build the future on a solid Foundation is impossible without a solid Foundation” — easy Patologicheskaya curvature, although in logic can not refuse.
Dear red_odysseus in his post criticizes patriotism as a solid Foundation, indicating its locality, territorial or ethnic basis. He points to the need for a broader, unifying the ideas (e.g. the idea of justice, or of building a good world for all people), for cementation of larger communities than individual Nations.
Judging by the performance on the Klyazma, Olga Vasilyeva, too, there is the rejection of local patriotism, mostacciuolo. So she drags patriotism in the historical dimension. Patriots go to those who takes and shares, it considers its entire history. As a whole, without exceptions.
Comrade red_odysseus indicates the incompatibility of patriotism and ideology, but Vasiliev takes it in the history and historiosophy. Personally, I fully share the historical interpretation of the concept of patriotism, but I can not point to a small but non-removable lack of this reading: to what extent will take the country?
For me personally, the volume of the Fatherland is part of the former territory of the Soviet Union and the unity of its history cannot be described outside of the Communist ideology that brings together a multitude of peoples, each with its own history in a single integrity. Unfortunately, the regrettable short historical time.
After the news of the appointment, according to RT, Vasiliev answered the question of radio station “Kommersant FM”^

“The priority for me is a teacher, because I believe that without a teacher everything else is impossible, I am the teacher. So, it is a teacher with a capital letter — it determines our future. Because today’s children, tomorrow people, this is a priority for me. The second is a reflection of all that was done: take the best that you can take, and move steadily forward. We have a great experience not one generation or even a century

Reference to OPYTNO “not one generation or even a century” brings the position Vasilyeva with the position of the RVS (https://gazeta.eot.su/article/vosstanavlivat-obrazovanie-nachnem-s-sevastopolya).
Another important thing said Vasilyev, and it, unfortunately, will have to refer to the PR as she did not confirm these words. The head of the Fund “Education,” Sergei Komkov told RT about his hopes against Vasilyeva (RT joined the information simply gluing, so the reader must guess what it is said in connection with the appointment Vasilyeva):

“For some reason everyone decided that the main task of the school is to stuff the head of the pupil a certain set of knowledge. It was forgotten that one of the tasks of the school — the formation of personality, and that no process of education is impossible. So in the last two or three years began to return to the educational process”

In General, we have to see how Vasiliev will be shown on, and which will give the vectors process in the educational sphere of Russia. Today the content of these processes boils down to a conscious regression and General degradation. But what little I managed to understand about her over the past day personally calling me cautiously optimistic.

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