About (not) exceeding the limits of self-defense

Or about exceeding the limits of necessary defense, because the law is not “self-defense” is “self-defense”. Talk about weapons sooner or later face with this theme, around which there is a lot of speculation and myths.
Often people with weapons – don’t even know what they can and what not.

As an example, in this case:

Gunner in Yekaterinburg was shot by 30 people
As has informed a source in law enforcement bodies, the 38-year-old businessman Oleg S. on Friday, September 2, there was a conflict with the residents of the Roma settlement. The next day to his house on the street Deputy arrived on nine cars of about 30 armed men. The result was a bilateral exchange of fire. It is known that among the attackers were three 17-year-olds.
Receiving a rebuff from the entrepreneur who opened fire with Kalashnikov assault rifles, the attackers left, while others ran away, leaving the place riddled with bullets open cars “Toyota Camry”, “BMW X6” and GAZ 2705.

Eight of the wounded reached the city hospital № 40 “Hyundai-Elantra”, where one of them is 27-year-old K. Stripling — soon died.
According to preliminary data, Oleh S. in the past — the participant of operations in the hot spot. In addition to the Kalashnikov rifle, which he shot back, he listed three units of rifled weapons, one traumatic gun, and one unit of smooth-bore weapons.
After the shooting, Oleg sh., seated in your car with your wife and children, went to the Chelyabinsk region. According to witnesses, his car “Toyota Corolla” also has damage from bullets. Law enforcement entered the plan “Interception”, but yet to find the shooter failed.
On the scene of the shooting experts have found 18 shell casings of 7.62 and 9 mm cartridges of caliber of 9 mm, a total of 27 shells handed over for examination.

Clean water self-defense. And hide Oleg was absolutely in hand.
Now everyone will misinterpret and will hang on him all the dogs.
Already distorted – if you look at the news.
Legal hunting semi-automatic 7.62 mm carbine “saiga/Vepr” turned into a machine.
Oleg served in the special forces “Rus” was turned into a “combat veteran” and “trained special forces to combat missions” (this is the other journalmany).
Self-defense has turned into… a crime.

7. 62×39 mm hunting rifle Vepr-KM / VPO-136 – conversion of the good old AKM
Journalists, prosecutors, damn, the third category, yeah.
I watch Smishniki the bubble has already brought (to the defenders of the a priori has become a criminal and terrorist), and here Oleg has disappeared in vain.
Spicy facts: one of the assailants of the deceased Cyril Stripling – graduate Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs.
And the instigator “of the event” Roma-supposedly-Dmitry description for BMW X6 – is in Federal search.
But the criminal, of course – Oleg defending their home and family.
An interview with his wife, if anyone is interested.
In short. Everyone should know what “self-defense” and what are her limits.
At least – in order to behave appropriately, after its Commission.
Therefore recommend this is long and lengthy, like a humorous movie… it is not about joking.
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