About technology turning people into a herd

Crowds of adults and serious (!!!) people rush through the parks and streets are busy (!!!) catching cartoon characters. They already shot. You can even be arrested for disorderly conduct. And anybody in a head will not come that bullied! While the most blatant way. Bullied and make money.
I have two topics that I didn’t want to write essentially. The first of these is the Olympics in Brazil. What can I say…

The second theme was the obsession under the name “Pokémon Go“. As for the second, I did not want to participate in a clearly held companies promote this insanity. Well, not a day goes by that one or two of the title dealt with this nonsense. Nonsense, by the way proved commercially profitable.
But yesterday, lamented that one of the so-called “hunters” for something it was shot. Blood was shed and the problem went to another level.
First, for those who started as I have just now to deal with this obsession, some explanatory information. All taken from Wiki.
About the game: “Pokémon Go (stylized Pokémon GO) is free to play, location-based augmented reality multiplayer role-playing computer game from the Pokémon series, developed and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices and originally published in the United States, Australia and New Zealand on 6 July 2016. In the game players use a mobile device with GPS with the ability to find, capture, fight and train virtual creatures, called pokemon that appear on screen as if they were in the same real place as the player. The game supports in-game purchases of extra items in the game.
Just a week after release, the game received large popularity. Pokémon Go was released with mixed reviews from critics who praised the concept of the game and an incentive to be more active in the real world, criticizing the frequent technical errors, which were obvious for the first time after startup. Despite such reviews, it quickly became a global phenomenon and was one of the most commonly used mobile application reportedly has been downloaded more than 100 million people worldwide. She was assigned to promote games location-based and augmented reality, and encouraging physical activity. However, it also provoked a mixed reaction for the contribution to accidents and violations of public order in some places (first banned the game in its territory a state is Iran
Its creators and beneficiaries: “Niantic, Inc. — American software developer located in San Francisco. The company most known for its mobile games, with elements of augmented reality — Ingress and Pokémon Go together with The Pokémon Company)
The company was founded in 2010 under the name Niantic Labs as an internal startup at Google in 2015 is allocated in the independent company“.
Googleis the largest search engine of the Internet, owned by Google Inc.The first popular system (77,05 %), handles 41 billion 345 million queries per month (market share 62.4 per cent)“.
There is already data from other sources:
Closer than you could imagine”: a report on the links Google with the US authorities and the EU“, 8 June 2016, 15:55
“Organization Campaign for Accountability published a report which stated that Google has a close relationship with the us government than anyone could even imagine. In addition, the experts found that the Corporation seeks to strengthen its influence in the EU through exchange of staff with the European governments.
As noted, during the reign of Barack Obama from 2009 to 2015 employees, including senior executives, visited the White house more than 420 times. A substantial part of the meetings of top managers with key administration officials took place in a closed environment. In addition, Obama personally met with the company at least 21 times“.
Now about the incident that made me write this text:
San Francisco, August 8. The relatives of the murdered in one of the parks in San Francisco a student in a local College Kevin Reilly was accused of his death, the game and its creators. The motives for the murder remain unclear…
Numerous incidents connected with the games, has already forced the developers to add on the load screen asking users not to break during the game, the boundaries of private and protected realm,” reports the San Francisco Examiner. This warning came after two players chasing pokemon, broke into the territory of the zoo in Ohio….”
About another bloodshed associated with this game:
The first victims of the Pokemon GO: Guatemala Teens shot during the game”
What I actually want to say. I remember at the beginning of his churching read “the Screwtape Letters” Lewis. The one I know mainly from “Chronicles of Narnia”. In fact, he has many other things written, including the wonderful journalism. But “the Screwtape Letters” is another. This correspondence experienced hell with his less experienced colleague” engaged in abuse of the human soul. I think that in this book, I read that to subjugate the will of others, it is necessary to force someone to do something obviously pointless. For example, to translate once a year the clock.
But if the clock has at least some economic rationale, and most importantly allows for the purchase of some public benefit, then there is even the theoretical interests of others. Then catching all kinds of mischief in discussing the game, nothing except… except the illusion of things… Illusion…the illusion of initiation to a healthy lifestyle. But in addition to all of these surrogates, even there, this is the introduction to meaninglessness. That eventually leads to enslavement.
And the crowd of adults and serious (!!!) people rush through the parks and streets are busy (!!!) catching cartoon characters. They already shot. You can even be arrested for disorderly conduct. And anybody in a head will not come that bullied! While the most blatant way. Bullied and make money.
Here I just want to make one point. It is so obvious that I don’t even mind the proximity of it to the hated me a conspiratorial frenzy. Suppose you need to gather so many people at one point of the city. It doesn’t matter why. Shot during a terrorist act, or create the appearance of extras. No matter what. But it is necessary. Put a rare picture and create difficulties for making her something of action. And hundred the hundred) people will not be forced to wait. Will arrive like a lamb! As a slave somewhere and someone herd. People who consider themselves hunters, but actually, being just those for whom hunting.
And the last one. The popularity of this game is in fact a diagnosis. People do nonsense only when everything else is even more pointless. Work, friendship, family… the Fate of the country… People cannot be without any sense. He and people. And he is looking for. But he is offered such employment providing at least temporary, but the illusion, though delusional, but purpose.
And so, on the one hand it’s good that people are looking for. And disgusting that they accepted such are surrogates of real activity. And even more disgust caused by those who thus separates people. Breeds in all senses. And on the money. And pointless.
Woe to the world because of offenses, for offenses must come; but Woe to that man by whom the offense comes“. (Matt. 18:7)
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