According to the joint statement of the Patriarch and the Pope

Кирилл Папа

Published joint statement of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill. Full text of the statement here.
Briefly the essence.

1. Catholics and Orthodox brothers in the faith;
2. The meeting was organized in order “to discuss the relationship between the churches, the pressing problems of our congregation and prospects of development of human civilization.”;
3. The need of joint work of Catholics and Orthodox.;
4. The realization of the separation of Churches “the wounds of the past”. The grief of the loss of unity and awareness of the need for enormous work to overcome this division: “…Our meeting will contribute to the achievement of that God-commanded unityabout which Christ prayed”;
5. “Human civilization has entered a period of momentous change. The Christian conscience and pastoral responsibility not allow us to remain indifferent to the challenges requiring a joint response.” Stated readiness to work together to meet the challenges of the modern world;
6. Special attention — to the middle East, Syria, Iraq, North Africa;
7. Concern about the violation of the rights of Christians in Europe;
8. Unbridled consumption, characteristic of some developed countries, is rapidly depleting our planet’s resources. Pasmodee inequality in the distribution of earthly goods increases the sense of injustice imposed system of international relations;
9. Christian Churches are called to advocate the claims of justice, respect for traditions of peoples and effective solidarity with all who suffer. (Talking about the Church of the poor?);
10. Concern about the crisis of the family, and everything family related. The unacceptability of euthanasia, abortion, concern about increasingly widespread use of biomedical reproductive technologies;
11. “Method “Uniatism” of previous centuries, suggesting the conversion of one community in the unity with another through its separation from his Church, is not the way to restore unity.” Declared need of the assistance of the Catholic community to overcome the division of Orthodoxy in Ukraine.
Conclusion is skillfully avoided sharing the moments of what was to be expected, and emphasises the unifying points. Let’s wait for the reaction of Orthodox intellectuals, because there are some believers, not those who receive no alliances with heretical Catholic branch of Christianity, and how to behave, these intellectuals, whether to increase the vibrations in this part of the community of the Church, or they will otherwise be extinguished.

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