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WADA do not agree with Yulia Latynina)

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The Commission of Richard pound, who led the investigation into the doping scandal in Russian athletics, has not found evidence that the government interfered in the activities of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla).
This statement was made by the head of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Craig reedy.

“Viewing results and report of the pound, I can say that the Commission has not found any state intervention”.
Richard pound was the head of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) in November 2015, he released his report on the investigation of doping violations and corruption scandals in athletics. It contained data about the manipulation of Russian athletes with doping tests, as well as the prosecution of the former President of the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) Lamine Diack at the connivance of corruption and doping.
But how — Yulia Latynina and others constantly tell us about the order mucinosa (ha ha ha).
Who to believe?)
Excerpt from recent surges Y. Latynina-struggles.
Interestingly, when the Russian authorities will bear responsibility for the crucifixion of Christ?

WADA on the hook: Russia is preparing an attack on the Western sports
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WADA Commission to investigate inflated the West of a doping scandal against Russia, found no evidence of state interference in the activities of the all-Russian Athletics Federation.
In other words, WADA and Western media blatantly lied from the very beginning of the scandal. All these stories about the substitution of the jars of urine by agents of the FSB, Putin’s personal control over the state doping program was banal nonsense.
This is not surprising, Europe, and then USA invent Russophobic fables about Russia for more than 4 centuries, but this year has been passed all reasonable limits of hatred.
First, affected by Russian athletes, who never used doping, it was because the state alleged doping fraud was dismissed Russian national team in athletics in full force. Secondly, the Western imagination has been used to harm the reputation of Russia and its state institutions with the aim to unbalance the internal situation in the country.
The best answer of Russia to the Western act of aggression would be judicial process against all implicated in the scandal, including international organizations and their “informants”, with maximum publicity in the media.
All the organizers of the “doping scandal” and its information component should be an official apology and reparation to the victims.
Apologies and fines – the worst punishment for Western bureaucrats. Of course, the perpetrators will make every attempt to avoid just punishment, but the fact that a public trial will work against them.
It’s hard to justify its reputation when most brazen violation of the presumption of innocence, but because of the tyranny suffered by several tens, if not hundreds, of people.
The trial of officials from WADA will put before the world community the question of the necessity of reformatting the cult of professional sports.
WADA, meanwhile, pretends to not understand, in what a puddle village. Is response to your fatal mistake, the Agency chose to delve into the history of Russian sports.
We are talking about the Olympics in Sochi. WADA wants to steal the medals from Russian athletes allegedly used doping at the Sochi Olympics. The list of “dirty” athletes are now preparing for publication.
That is, WADA is interesting that already supposedly happened in Russia, instead of to see what is really happening in the US at the moment.
For example, 80% of their sample of Americans skip past the automated system to recognize the ADAMS doping, which is required for use in Russia.
So it turns out that before the competition allow stuffed doping of American athletes. Moreover, they pave the way, disqualifiziert competitors, using the notorious doping lever.
Well, I must admit the battle for the Rio Olympics won the West. The current Olympics will be marked by American pseudopostega Shine. However, achieving the podium in 2016, Americans risk being left without it in the future.
Russia has now opened a great opportunity to win the war for world sport. Correctly submitted claims to international courts from Russia can forever change a system of double standards in world sport.
Author: Ilya Novitsky…
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