American tactical nuclear weapons out of Turkey?

Our first supersonic long-range bombers Tu-22M3 appear in Iran.
Then the sound is notcautious hints about the possibility of placing our videoconferencing on-site…

Airbase Igdirli.
Yes the same one where the Americans keep their nuclear bombs of the B61 in the quantity or 50 or 70 (I think Verna is still the first digit) units.

And now, like icing on the cake – there’s news that the Americans began the withdrawal of its nuclear weapons (B61 those from the Incirlik) from Turkey.
The European online edition EurActiv, citing independent sources said on Thursday that the United States began to translate stationed in Turkey, nuclear weapons in Romania on the background of deteriorating relations between Washington and Ankara.writes Interfax.
The B61-12. Extreme modification of the B61 nuclear bomb
Probably not in vain so much trouble with Incirlik was.
And the announcement of the Turks, that the instigators of the coup are hiding at the base of Incirlik.
And subsequent reports about the blockade of the air base of the Turkish forces/security forces (7000 men), which, however, was later modified to the communication about the protection of Turkish security forces in Incirlik from the angry citizens of Turkey…
And a ban on flights by U.S. aircraft by the Turks.
In short – a romp around the base was serious.
The same EurActiv claims that nuclear weapons will be moved to a Romanian base “Deveselu”
Yes, it’s the one where the Americans put their EUROPRO. (although the Romanian foreign Ministry seems to refute).
Well, there’s still wishing death row inmates have.
About the reasons for the withdrawal of the “gifts” you can debate… but if the Americans do withdraw TNW (tactical nuclear weapons) from Turkey… it’s a tectonic shift.
The mere fact that such different and valuable eggs decided to put in one basket (as well as one stroke SWAT?)… evidence in favor of that decision is forced.
But my main question remains – Erdogan.
Whether he decided to expand the direction of movement of Turkey (in which she was moving the last dozen years, at least) 180 degrees?
And who is he in this new way will be based?
After all, its previous reference base (the pan-in the face of the “Grey wolves” and others, the Islamists – in the face of ISIS DAISH and other varieties . for the “moderate opposition”) is sharpened by a very different path that is not compatible with the life of Russia.
Not he was bluffing?
Not trying to buy time?
There is a more subtle game?
And if he really has made a low tack – it is… without the old support base?
Will remove this burden?
Especially if to recollect, how “the war machine” Turkey is integrated into NATO.
So the news, of course, bring a healthy optimism…
But, for me, the question for Erdogan is still open.

Questioning “Where, if not in Romania?” will suggest another option. It is highly relevant.
For disassembly and (diluted) in a nuclear reactor.
The shortage of fuel for us nuclear power plants has not disappeared (and not disappear).

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