One of the most popular programs on the channel REN TV was 20 years old

In September, the program “Military secret” with Igor Prokopenko on REN TV channel celebrates its anniversary — 20 years. The project remains one of the most popular on Russian television.

Career beginning one of the most popular leading country what a sensational theme he first revealed on TV, prompting him to engage in the subject of UFOs and what he predicts the future of Russia?

— In journalism, you came from the army, and the army was almost a child, from the Suvorov military school.

Is now the boys want to study in England or America. In my day everyone wanted in Suvorov. Responsibility without discounts for age, education, and military training parade on red Square — as the icing on the cake boyish vanity.Картинки по запросу gentleman
To the end of the Suvorov military school, when it was necessary to determine the military profession, I realized suddenly — so that “to shiver”, I don’t want to be neither a tank, nor a rocket, nor a paratrooper. And in the Donetsk military school was a good Department of philosophy, history, foreign literature. So I put a “tick” in front of the Donetsk distribution.

Then there was the 148-th Center of combat application and conversion of frontline aviation of air defense. Secrecy is the highest. Flying was taught in secret then the su-27 and MiG-31, and served in it from the Lieutenant and the pension.” There he married, had children, planted vegetable gardens.

Somewhere in the third year of service I decided I want to write a scientific work in philosophy. Went through Moscow on a business trip, found the Academy of the supervisor. He said to me: “You need printed work on the subject.”

What is the subject you were interested in?

— Mid-1980-ies the story of my thesis looked pretty aesthetic: “Criticism of the French school of existentialism.” I personally had no complaints, “French existentialism”, but in 1980-e the years of study it was only possible.

And then began the story with publications. When I sent the first essay 45 rubles, I was genuinely surprised. No thought for the pleasure of writing to get paid! Then they gave me another job…Картинки по запросу photograph
And here I was summoned by the head of the centre and perplexedly says: “You in Moscow was interested in, want to take on journalistic work. What do you know about this?”.

I said, “I don’t know… I Have plans already painted”.

And he answers: “Lieutenant! Remember, human life is given only one chance. Immediately pack your bags and fly to Moscow! To today your spirit was not here”.

So I ended up in journalism and then off we go.

But work in the print media also proved to be a springboard to “Military secret”?

Pretty soon he went to Germany to write a book on Soviet-German relations. There I was sent personally by the Minister of defence.

It was then in one of the archives I found a folder that I was very impressed. She lay between the correspondence Zhukov, Montgomery says “the List of personnel in a certain area, observed at the missile test site unidentified flying objects”. I didn’t at first, believed that UFOs are the ravings of a madman. But seeing the signature of the head of the special Department, realized that the military was seriously involved in UFO sightings. This discovery actually determined my future professional destiny.

And how did you get on TV?

“I came back from Germany to Moscow, it was necessary to look for a place, and I was advised to try it on the TV.

I was sent to the Central TV and radio Studio of the defence Ministry. She was known as “VOEN-TV” and later turned into the channel “Star”.

In 1994, before the Chechen war, I came up with the creative Association “Military secret”, but then I went to the program “Military secret”. But if I said that in 20 years we will talk about “Military secrets”, I would not have believed it. I had a lot of other projects and plans.

What projects on REN TV were the most vivid?

For the first time on Russian television we with Oksana Barkovsky has made a documentary series about women spies of the “voices of silence” about the ten women’s stories. And when they suddenly started to get reel videos of their own lives abroad, where in the 1950-1960-ies they are young, beautiful, rich people drive expensive cars, live in luxurious mansions and simultaneously perform a dangerous mission, it was magic.

We first discussed a research HAARP in Alaska. According to the materials of this project were held: meeting of the State Duma Committee on defense, a meeting of the security Council of the Russian Federation were sent an open letter to the state Duma to the U.S. Congress demanding the banning of HAARP research. Here is the result!

“Military secret” the first demonstrated the missile defense sites Russia. But before the advent of “Military secrets” I dealt with chemical and biological weapons while serving in the General staff. Therefore, we can say that through my eyes the world looked at the objects of chemical weapons of the Soviet Union.

What is the secret of such popularity of “Military secrets”? 20 years in the air — not a single documentary project on TV and comes close to such a lifespan.

We always followed the needs of the audience and always tried to be the first. In the late 1990s, the audience was interesting unknown pages of history. Then we started doing the documentary series “Secret history”.

At the beginning of the two thousandth was about the Chechen war — there was a documentary film “Chechen trap”. Then we opened the topic of hazardous goods. History about how the craftsmen of the supermarkets doing “old” sausage “new”, beat all records: the audience has at last ceased to rejoice in the very fact of availability of goods on the shelves. To the fore the quality of the products.

But even then, I prayed to myself: “God, when people will “eat” this sausage?”

Your projects about the world is sometimes called mixed, there’s too much fiction.

— No one will ever hear in our words: “I say: for the Gods, our ancestors could make the aliens”. We say: “So says the translator of ancient texts from Switzerland, Erich Von Daniken”. And give the word to d? Niken.

I am a journalist and my job is to present viewers with a different perspective, not to draw conclusions for the scientists.

You accuse that your program “Military secret” today is too Patriotic in nature.

— You know at different times I was criticized for different. In 1996, because too much was told about the betrayal of the Chechen war. I got Grachev said: “What are you all sore…”

“Nord OST”, Pervomaisk — too tragic, projects about space — too alternative. Now here’s the blame for patriotism.

I have no problem to please anyone except my audience. And he at different times really liked different.

In the late 1990s and about Chechnya in the mid-2000s — about UFOs. Today here is about Ukraine and about Europe, which is “crying poor”, but continues to pull the story from the anti-Russian sanctions.

And about anti-Western propaganda?

— When I put an interview of the Polish Minister of foreign Affairs, who, without being ashamed of his own age, declares that “USSR first attacked Nazi Germany.” One of us is anti-Western propaganda more — me or them?

It turns out not to be accused of anti-Western propaganda, you just have to be silent. And only talk about the “good West”. Well, it’s not fair.

This here is the cycle of silence of the liberal community.


TEFI-2000 — movie “the Ebola mystery virus of death”

TEFI-2003 — film-investigation “the Diary of a fugitive

TEFI-2005 — a documentary film “Chechen trap”. “Storm”

TEFI-2007 — documentary film “Captured and forgotten”

TEFI-2008 — documentary series “Merchant of blood”

TEFI-2009 — the film “Dr. Lisa”

Special jury prize of the Eurasian Teleforum (2001) — “Voices of silence”

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The Grand Prix and the prize of the President of the Republic of Italy festival in Rome (2002) — “Return to Nord-OST”

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The Artyom Borovik award (2004) for creative achievements in the genre of “investigative Journalism”

The main prize at the VII Eurasian Teleforum (2004)

Grand Prix film festival in Rome (2004) “Chechen trap”

The award “Laurel branch” for best documentary debut in film and television (2004)

The Artyom Borovik award (2005) for significant contributions to the development of independent journalism in Russia

The victory in the nomination “Electronic media” at the Russian contest “Manager of the year” (2007)

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The Grand Prix for documentary at the International film festival of marine and adventure films “the Sea is calling” (2007) — “hostages of the deep”

Victory at the VIIIth International TV & cinema forum “Together” (2007)

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Grand Prix of the VII International festival of war films named. Yuri Ozerov (2009) — “Tskhinvali cross

Special prize of the film festival in Macau (2010)

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