Any blunt propaganda. About the BREAD

Original taken from burckina_faso in Any blunt propaganda. About the BREAD.

What always touches me the stories about the evil Bolsheviks and the bloody-bloody Stalin is the story of peasant bread. With 17 years to the end of Stalin’s life these sinister Bolsheviks constantly “took” the bread of the peasants. Selected, selected, selected. And those starved the peasants to death. Purposefully. Sometimes on a national basis (the Holodomor), sometimes just so. But always purposefully.

About this do not hesitate to say even professional historians with academic degrees. Although — it would seem — to accuse a person without sufficient proof it’s not very clean from a moral point of view. And the lawless. Reinstall the chartered historians not less certified lawyers. Even if the Bolsheviks really deliberately starved the peasants by hunger, and then would need proof. Something like document for a plan: this year, we are cursed Bolsheviks decided to kill 2 million peasants. And then in Stalin’s blue pencil: “Two little! Two and a half need! So we will win!” But there are no such documents. For some reason (we know why) the representatives of the scientific intellectuals allow themselves unproven accuse people of committing particularly serious crimes, that no bourgeois lawyer wouldn’t dare, if he doesn’t have evidence.
But, however, it is so. By the by. More interesting to trace the fate of this notorious the selected farmers bread. What is selected? During the civil war. During collectivization. During the Patriotic… what happened? For some reason here the outpouring of the benefactors of the peasants instantly dropped. Where the bread-citizens? Neither sleep nor spirit. I had expected the stories, as all of the Politburo, like Gulliver among the Lilliputians, sitting at the table and eats a ton of bread. Stalin right cars takes huge paws and pour grain into the mouth. Molotov and Beria bags. Or sell to the West and build himself palaces with Golden toilets. Buy yachts and villas in the Swiss. No. For some reason we don’t tell. Were it not for this, comes out. Touches even ardent monarchists and fans of the kings or priests (and other clergy, in cassocks). As said one of the heroines of Saltykov-Shchedrin: “But what’s the government?.. after all, the government is obliged to support the nobility? after all, nobles are the support?” Fans of these “pillars” (as well as “spiritual bonds”) are outraged by the Bolsheviks, who took the bread, but somehow reticent about the landowners, who for centuries what it took the bread from the peasants. And — unlike the Bolsheviks — actually lived on this account. And lived luxuriously. A few of them. And the kings-priest (and other priests) once all this calmly watched. Not hindered, but the most formidable (but they won, kids!). To remember the benefactors of the peasants do not want. Because the Bolsheviks — a secret — took the bread from the peasants to feed the townspeople and the army. In civil citizens would die of starvation without it. But the Red army could not defeat the whites. With industrialization, the urban population grew dramatically. And cities need to dramatically increase supply. And the peasants bread not voluntarily handed over. The benefits of them. Here we had to take. And then the Bolsheviks raised the level of education (through the organization of rural schools), improved health (through the organization of rural hospitals) so that at the end of the 60s, the USSR was the country with the highest life expectancy, has strengthened the cultural level (through the organization of libraries and clubs in rural areas) so the guys from quiet villages to enter higher education, increased the level of mechanization and chemicalization of agriculture (see plates all sorts of sad). Yes, once and hunger was bad then. He stopped. Although the General population grew. And workers in rural areas were fewer and fewer. This is a paradox. And why the Bolsheviks so about the population cared? They were very bad? Something’s wrong there. Why lie-we people who call themselves scientists, people who call themselves monarchists and even sometimes people who call themselves Christians (although the latter cannot lie)? Then help us good old class approach. We have to ask ourselves: why is it all these “comrades” as they say? What are their interests? And — more precisely — in the interests of which class (a social class) so they say? What socio-economical system they defend and protect? Whether that developed education, science, and medicine for ordinary people, for all or any other. The answers to these questions can clarify a lot.
Original taken from auto_krator in Any blunt propaganda. About the BREAD.

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