Today the Church commemorates the Apostles Peter and Paul. When I went to the service, it occurred to me that Peter and Paul were so different in their natures. Peter is always the first to respond to the words of the Savior, and consequently, quality cannot always lift the burden on their forces. And Paul, sober and very consistent in their deeds and words. Not to say that fire and flame, but all totally different in temperament people.
In the sermon the priest spoke about this difference. He cited examples from Scripture, emphasizing the different qualities of the apostles. But he added that unites them. The firmness of faith and the ultimate humility.

We are all very different. We go different ways, sometimes serving different ideals. And it often seems that these differences between us an insurmountable obstacle. Recently argued with an old friend, and disparilis almost to mutual curses. And when the foam of ambition and conceit went, me and my friend realized that we are more connected than parts. And felt very ashamed. This conviction brought liberation and lifted a heavy burden from the soul.
Peter and Paul are sincerely serving Christ and His Church, which was built largely through their labors. Near the quantity and Purity of the Truth, which they were, their differences and the errors were gone and the wounds inflicted by them, heals. Peter and Paul praised the Church for its Ministry and martyrdom. Denial of God Peter and participation in the persecution of His disciples, which was attended by Paul, have been redeemed by the sincerity with which both the chief Apostle was the Christ.
My friend and I were arguing about politics and the fate of the Fatherland. We see different things. But sincerely love their country. And be sure to come to a common understanding for the good of the country and their children. The main thing sincerely to love Russia and each other. The example of Peter and Paul gives me this confidence.
With A Holiday!
Solid and bogovidenie propovedei,
the top of Your apostles, o Lord,
, thou hast in Thy good pleasure and rest:
disease Bo hex and death, thou hast more so every salodia,
Alone, swedy heart.
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