NATO has admitted or a warning?

Подбитый Су-24М

Russia opposes the establishment of relations with NATO that leads to such consequences as Turkey downed a Russian plane, was declared by the Deputy NATO Secretary General Alexander Vershbow on Monday, June 13, at the opening of the 11-th international security forum in Geneva, RIA Novosti reported.
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Frontline reports from Dallas …

Opened morning news agraharam, and you! In Poland, the NATO summit in preparation of the war with Russia, meanwhile, in the “citadel of the world order and democracy” there’s just something unimaginable happens.
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Two tablets, two of Russia?

A sign to the executioner Mannerheim in Leningrad, still clear of the green stuff and paintthat “grateful” residents pay tribute to this henchman of Hitler. That is to say, “walk of fame” for Medina cornets and lieutenants Rogozin, coupled with the Small and the Generalissimo, chief officer Prosvirnin.
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The version from the newspaper Version. The West and Kiev is no longer needed “Minsk-2”

Exclude Russia from the negotiations on the Donbass

In vain the Russian foreign Ministry doldonit that the alternative to the Minsk negotiation process. Already there: from now on the fate of Donbass will be decided not in Moscow, Berlin and Paris, with the participation of Kiev, and in a very different international format – the “big five” (USA, UK, Germany, France and Italy) plus Ukraine. Russia, therefore, is not just pointed to the door – threw it away. Well, Russian diplomats that happen with the “Minsk-2”, to meet it, man, now there is only wipe.

Few of the experts are seriously counting on an infinite continuation of the Minsk talks: “Minsk-2” was needed only temporarily, in order to completely eliminate the “Russian forces” in the Donbass. Of course, addressing the “Minsk-2”, which, as asserted by the Russian diplomats, there is no alternative, even Kiev was not going to perform. In General, due to the “Minsk-2” Ukraine has been strengthened on the South-Eastern border, concentrating there a hundred thousand well-armed military group, and completely blocked the further expansion of the “Russian spring”. Moscow, therefore, was in a very bad position deceived naive “nerd”.
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Associate Professor of journalism at Moscow state University: “this year we got aliens”

Original taken from vamoisej in associate Professor of journalism at Moscow state University: “this year we got aliens”


I know”, “General” and “through-Chur” — perhaps that is the spelling we see in Newspapers in five years when the current freshmen of faculty of journalism of the Moscow state University will receive their diplomas. Here are the phenomenal results showed collected with the help of the exam students, some of whom are even stabulnieki. As expected, the verification work of new recruits in the universities turned into a scandal. Details told the associate Professor of stylistics of the Russian language Anastasia Nikolaev.

— First-year journalism just written dictation test in Russian. They confirmed the grades received?
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what happens when you massage this point on your forehead

Вот что происходит, когда вы делаете массаж этой точки на лбу

There are a huge number of relaxing massages that are not only useful but also very pleasant. But they usually require time, money and a good specialist.

Surely sometimes you subconsciously felt the need to massage the point between the eyebrows.
It turns out that intuition fails us. Massaging this point improves concentration, relieves stress, relieves headaches, and relaxes your eyes, especially if you are a long time in front of the computer.
Scholars of Chinese medicine also believe that massaging this point enhances intuition of man.
What to do?
Press lightly on this point and move your finger up to 3 cm in a vertical line. Pressure on this point for 45 — 60 seconds. The result will not keep itself waiting.
The researchers argue that “this procedure will activate one of the centers of the brain, eliminating nervous tension. In addition, this procedure improves the appearance of skin, adjusts the corners of the eyes and mouth and activates the processes of regeneration”.
In General, if you had a headache, or sparks flying from his eyes after a day spent at the computer, you know what to do!
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Brexit (collection of cartoons)

Brexit is an ambiguous and complex phenomenon with many unknowns. It is difficult to give a clear and unambiguous assessment. On the one hand, it puts a spoke in the wheel to the promotion of agreement on the Transatlantic partnership, and it can not but rejoice, because this global Treaty would have strengthened transnational capital. On the other he is clearly at hand, and the Trump and the neo-fascists in Europe, as probably will increase right-wing sentiments in Europe. Meanwhile, I propose to look at Brexit with a humorous side:
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