Polish “Change”

On 8 and 9 July in Warsaw will host a NATO summit. The event will be massive and will collect up to 2 thousand people, it will be attended by representatives of 28 countries – members of the Alliance and 28 delegations from partner countries. It is planned that the summit will arrive and will hold a series of meetings the President of the United States.
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One of the most popular programs on the channel REN TV was 20 years old

In September, the program “Military secret” with Igor Prokopenko on REN TV channel celebrates its anniversary — 20 years. The project remains one of the most popular on Russian television.


To host the European football fans

Instead of giving millionaires a football field, let’s re the world Cup will have on them championship Amateurs

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10 dangerous indoor plants. They need to know!!!

One of the most dangerous plants recognized as spurge. All parts of this plant contain a poisonous SAP that can be cause severe burning, skin blisters, and in case of contact with eyes, even temporary blindness.
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With the knowledge Day!

It was nice today to go outside. Go and meet you dressed children with bouquets of flowers and with undisguised joy on their faces. They are clearly waiting for something. September 1 – the day of great expectations… a Day of knowledge!
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Journey into space in a balloon

Original taken from logik_logik to Travel to space in a balloon

Original taken from slavikap_2 to Travel to space in a balloon

Dead pigeons had to be a warning to James Glaser, who decided to go into space directly into the balloon. 5 Sep 1862 scientist carried out a unique attempt to climb so high in the sky, did not rise yet, none of the people. Armed with compass, thermometer and a bottle of cognac, he decided to take six birds to put on them experiments.
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