Baby. Not Carlson.

At the 43rd kilometer of Warsaw highway there is an obelisk dedicated to the hero… and we Vladivostok there is a street named after him.
What should I do to you dedicated the obelisk and named after the streets in several cities?

“Quite a bit”.
It is necessary to shoot down the plane, which will then be exhibited in the Central Museum of the armed forces… And to cut airplane the enemy must not anyhow, but with podvyvertom”, without ammunition, and with slim chance to stay alive.
It is in the night of 6 to 7 August and made Deputy commander of squadron 177 IAP (fighter aviation regiment) Junior Lieutenant Viktor Talalikhin.
Long dogfight with a Heinkel Talalikhina 7 August pripisivati championship night the air RAM.
Although, as you say now – there were others, committed the battering RAM earlier.
At the moment, the championship of the night ramming the Deputy commander of the squadron 27 regiment Lieutenant V. P. Yeremeyev, accomplished the feat July 29, 1941.
Although many istochnikah Victor Talalikhin still listed as the first author of the night’s battering RAM.
By the way, during the war Soviet pilots, showing mass heroism, made more than 600 air rams.
Even more little-known fact that Victor participated in the Finnish war and, having made 47 sorties in a fighter I-153 “Chaika”, shot down 4 enemy aircraft, for which he was awarded in 1940 the order of the red Star.

From the first days of the great Patriotic Victor also scored, knocking the beginning of August 5 enemy aircraft and one in the group.

One of the lesser-known facts that Talalikhin was of small stature (155 cm), for which the soldiers referred to him as a Baby.
Here’s how he described his battle with the Heinkel he Talalikhin:
On the night of 7 August, when the Nazi bombers tried to break through to Moscow, I by order of the command took to the air on your fighter.
Going from the side of the moon, I began to seek out enemy aircraft and on the altitude of 4.800 meters saw the “Heinkel-111”. He flew over me and headed for Moscow. I I his tail and attacked.
I managed to hit the right engine of the bomber. The enemy spun around, changed course and flew back decrease. I continued the attack, repeated up to six times. In this case, my hawk remained inaccessible to the enemy: I covered his stabilizer.
Together with the enemy, I dropped to a height of about 2,500 meters. And then I ran out of ammo. It was possible to pursue the enemy further. But what’s the point? He on one engine could fly for quite a while and still would have left. There was only one – RAM. “If you die, one” thought I, “and the Nazis in bomber four”.
Deciding propeller to cut the enemy’s tail, I began get to close to him. Here we share already some 9-10 meters. I see armored belly of the enemy plane.
At this time the enemy put all of the heavy machine gun. Burned right hand. Immediately gave gas and not the screw, and all his car rammed the enemy.
There was a terrible crash. My hawk turned upside wheels. It was more likely to jump out with a parachute.
He undid his belt, pursed his feet, crawled and reached the hole and jumped. About 800 metres away flew the protracted jump. And only when the party heard a rumbling noise from the fall of my hawk, I opened the parachute.
Glancing up, I saw more and more ignites an enemy bomber, as it finally exploded and fell down.
I fell into a small lake, went ashore. Soon ran three farmers, and then, probably, and the whole farm came around me, there were so many people.
Then bandaged my hand. Took him to the house, changed clothes, gave boots, so I can warm up, drink milk. The horse was sent to the part.
Then in the car I went to look at the downed bomber. He was still burning. Circle lay a lot nevosplamenauschayasa incendiary bombs. A hundred meters from the aircraft found two members of his crew. The other two were found in the woods. The plane crashed with such force that it threw them away from him.
The commander of the enemy machine, the mind is no longer young, had an iron cross, received in 1939, and the icon “In Narvik”.

“If you die, one” thought I, “and the Nazis in bomber four”.
So, sachatello going to die, casually talk not superheroes, but real Heroes. With a capital letter.
So here’s our Baby.
Where there any Swedish Carlson… and not only.

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