Biathlon Type 96Б lost in the reliability of the T-72Б3М

Tank biathlon-2016 ended the triumphant victory of the Russian team that competed at the T-72Б3М. In the final event, our tankers have demonstrated mastery, and domestic armored vehicles did not disappoint again. The Ural machine, as always, was a model of phenomenal reliability. You can not say about the tanks our Chinese friends.

This year the team of the PLA spoke at a deeply modernized Type 96Б, which acquired the power plant increased power with improved vozdukhoplavania, apparently, new transmission and new caterpillar tracks. The result is a tank very quickly moved to the landfill.

Seems to be even increased reliability characteristics, so, at least, it seemed to the finals. However, in recent races the team of the PLA happened very serious failure – of many spectators and experts were shocked that the Type 96 had lost track roller when passing the so-called combs. The case is quite incredible for domestic cars.
Apparently, Chinese engineers still have a lot to do to catch up the reliability of Russian equipment.…ti-t-72b3m.html

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