Cancer was the most frequent cause of death in European countries

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It is considered that cardiovascular diseases kill more people worldwide than any other disease. However, a new study conducted in 12 European countries showed that the most common cause of death was cancer. At least this is true for the surveyed countries. The results published in the European Heart Journal.

New data from the world health organization for the year 2016 showed that in most European countries the cause of death in 45% of cases are cardiovascular diseases. However, in recent years in a number of countries have had some success in combating these diseases. Now in 12 European countries in the mortality statistics has been a turning point — leading position is occupied cancer.

Among the States, which have managed to improve the statistics on heart disease and blood vessels — Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, UK, Norway and Israel. In these countries died of cancer, more men than from cardiovascular diseases. “Female” statistic is different: only in Denmark and Israel, the level of diseases of the heart and blood vessels among women is lower than Oncology.
For example, in France in 2011 was 92 recorded 375 deaths from cancer and 659 64 from cardiovascular diseases. Spain — 67 711 from cancer and 53 487 from diseases of the heart and blood vessels. In the UK this ratio is 511 87 and 79 935.
According to experts, these figures underline the different level of medicine in various European countries. All the countries in which the cancer has overtaken cardiovascular disease, are in Western Europe, most of them part of the EU. The greatest number of deaths from cardiovascular disease, usually celebrated in the countries of Eastern Europe.

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