Currency war as the main method of struggle for dominance in the world

In the web arise periodically heated battles on “the dollar certainly going to die” or “the dollar is our all and will live forever.” Both these statements as radical as much and do not reflect the real essence of the processes occurring in the world. It is understood that nothing in this world does not exist forever. Similarly, it is clear that in today’s global economy is only a dollar can be called real money, all the other currencies is derivatives. And the dollar will live as long as alive, this is the global world economy. The only question is how much it will stretch it.

For any cushion strategists, no matter what point of view they hold, will be very useful to read the book, James Rickards “currency war.” For all that the author is well versed in the subject matter, the book has built the traditional way – “what was, what is, what will happen,” the book is interesting not only that. First of all it is interesting the presence of information that rarely find in the public domain. Continue reading “Currency war as the main method of struggle for dominance in the world”