Tajiks save Russia – use them for other purposes

Here are some triumphant could read on the main site of the Russian Federation the summer of 2010:
«Russia’s first rural mini-hydropower plant of 400 kW was put into operation in the village of Andreyevka Kovylkinsky district of Mordovia.
Hydroelectric dam built on Tokmovskogo waterworks. Its construction cost about 37 million rubles, of which 34 million rubles – from the federal budget, more than 3 million rubles allocated budget of the republic ».

But a simple Tajik guy using his head and decommissioned tractor wheel extracted from the stream 40 kilowatts of electricity. This is vesriya authors clips, and according to my calculations, at the rate of a stream of 8 m / s and the area of ​​the blades of 0.3 m power should be in the range of 4 kW, but even my pessimistic calculation, enough wheels and 100 decommissioned one dekhkan to produce electricity as long as Russian officials have extracted for 34 Leman Russian wood – for “lemon” “green.” And at the same initial conditions – in Mordovia river was dammed and the water falling from it with no less speed than in a mountain stream Tajik village. Continue reading “Tajiks save Russia – use them for other purposes”