” Ёshkin Cat” – who faces kirdyk ?

 e-cat Parkhomov January 27, 2015, at the site of the All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Operations hosted a seminar on the subject of low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). The workshop Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Alexander Parkhomov presented the results of their own experiments with LENR, in which a primitive copy of the reactor Rossi was able to develop 2.5 times more energy than is consumed . ” – A сообщение cnews.ru passed on in early 2015.

Thus the Russians announced that установка Rossi , called them “ E-Cat ” or in Russian “ E-Cat ” is not a hoax.

We will not as long as the discussion is not whether the hoax experience of Alexander Parkhomov, the important thing: the end of the same year went to the article with the assumption that the collapse of oil prices in 2015, due mainly, it prospects to market this very cat from Andrea Rossi, who is completing his annual testing devices necessary for its licensing.

Especially a lot of these messages in the pro-Ukrainian media – “Square” Scientists have been working on the subject. The reason is clear: to work in this direction large financial costs required – Parkhomov repeated experience literally “on the knee” in his kitchen. And it is understandable excitement ukropatriotov – povyavilsya real chance to send a “fucking Raschke,” “a country gas station,” go to hell. In general – kirdyk country gas station?

The question arises: whether the large reserves of nickel in Ukraine? Maybe too early to rejoice? And how much will need nickel in order to avoid dependence on oil and gas?

If oil prices have fallen from the perspective of the use of nickel, the nickel prices should soar. Watch in stock prices – something that is not there. So, obviously, oil prices have fallen far from fright before “cat.”

Found evidence that grams of nickel in the reactor Rossi is equivalent to about 400 liters of gasoline. Look annual production of oil to replace it with nickel, according to rough estimates, it will require annual production of about 10 million tons. Now it produces about 2 million tons of nickel and without modern industry can not do otherwise would collapse the whole of modern civilization. Total need a year to produce about 12 million tons of nickel. Proven reserves of nickel in the order of 127.9 million tonnes, that is enough for ten years. Incidentally, the proven reserves of nickel is much less.

The largest reserves of nickel in Russia, in second place – Cuba. If an empty part of the nickel in the energy sector, prices will go through the roof, and socialist Cuba in terms of life takes the place of Qatar or Saudi Arabia. A “fucking Raschke,” neither cold nor hot, as they say stuck his nose – pull out the tail!

So who will kirdyk if “E-Cat” really feasible?

In the “Wikipedia” article about the work of Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi scientific consultant accompanied by the following:


Kirdyk comes the science which separated itself from the real processes observed in nature, which for decades to defame and coffins, all attempts to escape from the real scientists swampy quagmire created by officials from the science, all sorts of obstacles created by the Nobel committee.

Kirdyk come Commission against pseudoscience in the RAS and scientific reputation of all who entered it from the Nobel laureate of, the late Ginsburg to the current Alexandrov.

The first effect that they believed temroyadernogo synthesis reaction at room temperature, not physicists discovered and chemists with a worldwide reputation – Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons.

 Fleischmann and Pons Opening threatened to stop drank dough under the brand name “Tokamak” , with who fed and still feeds tueva hucha imitators intense activity of “tarditsionnoy” science – investments in this scam reach many tens of billions of dollars.

It is clear that went rezulate fraud screening experiments grantoedskih major centers around the world in the direction of denying the reproducibility of the experiments of Fleischmann and Pons.

Alexander Parkhomov, unlike Russia, has made no secret of his experiments and published composition, which he used and the setup and now do not even know how and where enthusiasts are engaged in this problem around the world.

Now the main thing that prevents the use of the real discoveries – uncontrollability rekatsii composition begins to heat up and burn the reactor. It is for this reason, perhaps, for so long, “voshkalsya” Russia is the practical implementation of his invention. Gradually he solved these problems, and reportedly is currently undergoing testing device, which should work out the year. However, there is evidence that the inventor is still forced to sell their offspring “ on the terms on which he could not refuse “. Rossi was wiped from the grand market, leaving him an honorary role of the inventor. Now he is not involved in the strategy of entering the generator into mass production, but rather those who control financial flows from the sale of hydrocarbons. And when, finally, humanity will get the generator Rossi for free use, is still unclear.

But the result Parkhomov gives us hope that it is already impossible to stop. Unable to stop the emergence of a new physics that will give a new, unheard-of possibilities for mankind.

 vadzhara This is a challenge to modern science, so you can understand the raging passions, – said Alexander Parkhomov. – The primitive form repeat reactor Rossi is easy, but much harder to make it work consistently and learn not only to warm the air, or to boil water, and convert the heat released in other forms of energy. Therefore, it is difficult to assume how fast will these devices in everyday life. In addition, it is necessary not only to overcome the technical difficulties, and ensure their safety “.

Posldenee very, very important: the ease of fabrication does not guarantee that the process in the inept hands can get out of control and caused a lot of troubles: one gram of nickel gives the energy as a half-ton of gasoline is very dangerous, if there is a catalyst that will allow for the srabatyanie total volume of reagent in a fairly short period of time, which will cause an explosion comparable to a nuclear bomb. Do not like the device used by our ancestors, for example, the mythological vadzharu destroying old advanced civilizations?

And finally, the opening of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons naglyayuno showed that breakthrough discoveries in science as made in the penny investments and will be made “on the knee,” and all these colliders, traps gravitational waves and other tokamaks – a giant trough for charlatans and loafers.

http://www.chitalnya.ru/work/1153533/ – Physicists have confirmed that the generator Rossi works!

http://zoom.cnews.ru/ – In Russia, we repeated the experiment Andrea Rossi

http://www.unconv-science.org/pdf/7/comments1-ru.pdf – ZHFNN. Comments on the article Parkhomov.

http://www.unconv-science.org/pdf/8/parkhomov-ru.pdf – Report on the work of Parkhomov in refereed journals

http://www.e-catworld.com/ – Chinese repeat the experience Parkhomov

http://lebed.com/2014/art6579.htm – Chairman of the Commission to combat pseudoscience Acad. EB Aleksandrov, member of VP Lebedev. Scharlatany in America.

http://www.avantyra.com/ceny-na-neft-obvalil-generator-rossi-1396 – Oil prices topple it the generator Rossi?

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