Greetings from “ancient Greece”


Парфенон 19 век

This photo from the early 20th century, “Ancient Greece”, so to speak – “the Parthenon in the rain.”

It is clearly seen that canny from plastered brick and at school all the same “historians” claimed that all of pure marble. But brick began to be used, according to “historians” somewhere in the 15th century. And build of brick began Kremlins and monasteries, such as the Moscow Kremlin – 1485 – 1495 years of the Novgorod – 1484 -1490, Nizhny Novgorod – 1500 – 1512, and so on, through the list.

Then the plants were shut down years polysi and civil construction, the bricks have begun to use only in the 18th century Continue reading “Greetings from “ancient Greece””