Donkey flu

Influenza paranoia
 Influenza paranoia [/ caption]

A sick cat flu? Yes. A dog? Yes. Unfortunately, all the animals get sick with influenza, but its every flu. In addition to the more common flu disease are flu-like illness. How do they differ from each other, these diseases? After all, those and others – viral diseases nasopharynx. Rather, they vary the severity of the disease. And people are dying each year from them tens and tens of thousands. And this is not the usual epidemic years. So sick people, and animals, probably also suffer from their influenza illness? Sick, and we know about it. Here are all the people in your home are sick with influenza, your cat’s pampered pets of all treated and do not get sick. Or your cat runny nose, and you’re not afraid of it becoming infected. And for good reason. Our chief epidemiologist Onishchenko, the words of the journalist – “is that avian flu” has reacted with malice – “Every bird flu».

In Southeast Asia have learned to produce very cheap chicken. Manufacturers of well-fed Europe and joined her country found magic wand in the form of bird flu. Demand for Asian chicken fell, and increased allocations to combat mythical threat.

Why mythical threat, some would say? Because the flu virus mutates very rapidly and can adapt to humans. I’d add that quickly mutate all viruses affecting all animals. Theoretically this is possible, people and birds have a common viral illness. But, basically, in the human society mutated human species or subspecies of the virus, and Avian – bird. Purely avian influenza epidemics humanity has never been observed. A number of viruses infect closely related animals. For example, we have shared with primates all diseases! But it reported that in the world died of 10-20 people, they found blood virus H 5 N 1 . That hitch – forgot to tell or look in the blood of the dead real perpetrators of death. If you take the tests at the majority of people who died in Moscow at the Koch bacillus, it is found in 80% of deaths. But they never suffered from tuberculosis and died from it!

To the virus has adapted to the different species of animals must pass a lot of time, not years. During this time, the other animals will acquire the necessary immunity and all, an end to the spread of the influenza virus. If this were not so, then all life would long ago have died from these malicious viruses. But today, the media tell us – donkey donkeys get sick with influenza, and its carrier are idiots breed vulgarius so afraid donkey flu. And be sure the infection can occur as other intermediate carriers of the disease are companies engaged in the production of poultry and pharmaceutical companies. Opening? Yes.

Today, TV is advertising – use vaccine against avian influenza, for one thing, it will help you, and from other types of flu. From what kinds forgot to say, and if all, then why not give all the remaining authors have not the Nobel Prize. Although advertising in the subway argues that there is no future flu when receiving Ambutola.

I suggest followers chicken flu-hype theme of the next company. We will deal with trichomonas-vulgarius. In spite of the extreme sensitivity of the bacilli to metronidazole, a year from any person cured, this bacillus is present in the mass 0,1-5kg. Do not slip, we carry up to 5 kg of the bacilli and we her house. Our immune system only slows down its number and does not want to kill, but it can be done. It is for us almost harmless . Let’s omit the definition of “Vulgarius” and we all scare Trichomonas, meaning vaginal Trichomonas causing venereal disease. When people realize that their fool, run oral Trichomonas causing stomatitis. When that tired, remember that there are still 40 Trichomonas, though they do not live in man. But it can mutate! And as the price jump not Trichopolum – trade name metronidazole. Already Trichopolum 6 times more expensive than metronidazole.

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The world is changing


 who would win?
who would win?

There is a change of civilizations. Until now, European civilization destroyed by barbarians. Exceptions were not. Now faded Europe will be captured without firing a shot. In the words of the Libyan “revolution leader” Muammar Gaddafi, God has brought us to Europe on a silver platter. It publishes gloomy movie. The only thing it should be noted that this is all about <! – More -> tratsionalnoy European culture, including North America, including the United States and Canada. East is a delicate matter. China never surrendered under the onslaught of the barbarians, and even if it won, he eventually emerged victorious. India. Also not for the fact that it was still dark, for Europe. Japan is also not threatened. Fine spiritual fabric – that saves Eastern culture.

And what about Russia? Orthodox Russia, which went for Patriarch Nikon and his patron Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, has led to the rule of half-mad Germanized Tsar Peter, who finally pushed Russia to its original pro-Eastern way into the fold of European civilization predestined impending doom. There was hope for the “schismatics” – the Old Believers, which burned in the fire, but faith is not betrayed. Now they try to return. They settle apart and their families at least five children does not happen, fifteen – not a rarity … So make your conclusions.