Chants of the monks of the ancient monastery: “Blessed Optina”

Each of us is a struggle, but it is up to us to decide who to worship

Published: 12 Dec. 2013

01-Bless the Lord, o my soul
02-blessed is the man
03-o gladsome Light
04-hail Mary!
05-the cherubim
06-the cherubic hymn
07-the First Psalm
08-Second Psalm
09-Third Psalm
10-Fourth Psalm
11-Fifth Psalm
12-Sixth Psalm
13-Seventh Psalm
14-Eighth Psalm Story:
The monastery of Svyato-Vvedensky Optina Hermitage was founded in the XV century. (According to legend, the monastery was founded in the late XIV century to the repentant robber named OPTA (Optia), in monasticism — Macarius). Until the XVIII century, its material condition was grave. In 1773 in the monastery there were only two monks, both very old. At the end of the XVIII century the situation has changed. In 1821 the monastery was built a monastery. Here dwelt particularly vouchsafed “the desert” — the people who spent many years in perfect seclusion. From all sides to the monastery reached the needy. Optina became one of the spiritual centers of Russia. Began to receive donations; the monastery acquired land, the mill, equipped stone buildings.
The monastery is almost square. In the center is the main temple of the monastery — Vvedensky Cathedral. The Cathedral is a cruciform Church located. To the North is the Church of Maria the Egyptian, converted in 1858 from the old refectory, on the South — Kazanskaya Church, built in 1811, in the East of Vladimir.

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