Children held hostage by the “expert on weapons”

Interesting stuff I came across marinashfrChildren held hostage by the “expert on weapons”.
What is this “arms expert” we’ll see, as will the time…

And while I represent to your attention the material about the unusual teleconference and its implications.
as well as about how clear French officials micro-level of education, who forgot what the “Uniform requirements”.
On 17 December, in the framework of international project “peace-Peace”, in a very lively and a good atmosphere was held the first teleconference between children of France and the Donbas.
Children are happy and joyful, enriched with real experiences of human solidarity, went home with happy smiles on their faces.
The day after the teleconference of teachers was summoned to the Director. They were accused of Pro-Russian propaganda. Teachers were threatened with trouble from the Ministry of education, and the children decided to take commemorative badges. The kids of course were upset and, more importantly, did not understand what. A teleconference, like the Studio of Solidarity were held with the knowledge and consent of the Directorate. Everyone who watched the video teleconference, said live communication of children who can not cheat and play “for the audience”. Their reactions were so spontaneous and casual, and sincere.
What happened, in less than 24 hours after the teleconference ?

One of the parents of schoolchildren not taking part in the project, wrote the following letter to the College principal:

“The conference, organized by the propaganda services of Russia in the occupied Donbass”

I would like to know how such a launching event can be organized between the French institution and the Russian propaganda in the occupied Donbas?

I am attaching a copy of the article, demonstrating the use of the event Donbass pseudo-journalist.

With reverence,

Edmond Wet”

The letter that Mr. Wet and posted on his page Facebook

Above mentioned article was written by the French journalist Laurent Bayard, who, after many years of work in Paris, to Donbass to work in the international Agency DONI. Laurent Bayard is neither a party nor the organizer of this project. He was only invited to volunteer as a translator and journalist in Donbass Studio during the teleconference.

The first reaction of the Director on a complaint from the parent of one of the disciples was fear and the desire to agree on further actions with higher officials. Call the regional rector, an angry call teachers with half of the lesson, the order to take the children’s badges and to destroy all their memory about “Putin’s propaganda” at the French school. The school, which, by law, ideology, but which, in fact, is the ideological melting pot.

The word “bombing” and with the addition of the “Ukrainian army”, presented at the very end of the article Laurent Briar, increased panic Director of the public institution.

Teachers meet the Director: but You’ve seen photographs of the bombing? Bombing is a fact, not fiction, where do You see propaganda here?

Some of the participants of the project are not outright scared. The majority of participating children took the position of protecting his free speech and communication, refused to give badges.

But the interesting thing came later.

After contact with the author caused a scandal in the article, journalist Laurent Briar it turned out that, by chance, the complaining parent Mr. Wet is its long-standing and aggressive opponent.

And active defender of the Ukrainian junta and, in particular, its ultra-Nazi wing: the Right sector and battalions of the national guard.

Edmond Wet supports Ukraine on information and material fronts. Positioning itself in the media as a “journalist” and “expert on weapons” in their revelations of it, apparently, is not so selfless as it seemed to the Director.

For a start, Edmund posted in the social network is not only the first letter of the school Director and his further correspondence with him. In it, he invited the Director to “associate it with the French-Ukrainian Association” (to continue the project in a different vein, it is necessary to understand).

Reupload personal correspondence no doubt should appeal to the Director of the state College.

Look at one article of this “weapons expert” written in May of 2015

First, Mr. Home explained that:

“Russia lives in a parallel world and, unfortunately, her only defeat in the war it is waging against Ukraine, the Russians can return back to reality, the meaning of which they lost a little more than 90 years ago. Russia is waging a hybrid war for which the West is not prepared.”

Next is a list of falsificating data, allegedly, the preparation of the Russian attack on Ukraine.

According to the author, Russia has concentrated on the main directions in the direction of Ukraine – such as Kursk and attention, Kharkov (?), in Rostov, the Crimea and other coastal areas from 65 000 to 95 000 military (like in these border towns were not previously regular Russian military units).

In addition, Russia is charged with supplying 700 tanks, and 1,100 armored personnel carriers in Donbass.

The article also States that “volunteers were made photoproofs” allegedly “miles and miles of Grads placed around the border with Ukraine, ready to fight.”

According to the statement of Wet, in the Donbass at the moment there are 40 Russian army units, equipped with “the most advanced Russian military equipment”.

Evidence, links, and photos, of course, not given.

Paralle praised “the strength of the Ukrainian army”, which, “consisting of only 6,000 people, disorganized and not having the necessary funds, were able to unite and resist the onslaught of the enemy.” Gerousia Ukrainian army Edmond Wet adds that “even Russian officers noted the high capacity of the Ukrainian army to defend their Homeland.”

Article Monsieur Wet ends with an open call for war with Russia.

Inviting Western politicians to “reject politically correct behavior” and realize the dangers allegedly posed by Russia, Wet exclaims: “Every day without a response to the Russian aggression brings the war in Europe!”.

Alors, armons l’ukraine maintenant, avant qu il ne soit trop tard! — Arm Ukraine until it’s too late! – calls on the last line of the article.

Interesting fact: the expert on weapons is part-time, and a journalist, standing up for the Ukrainian army.

The page on which the article was published, is in the title of the unequivocal word “Napalm” – weapons, first used by the Americans for the burning alive civilian Vietnamese men, women and children. Is the online edition, is Packed with blatantly false propaganda rusofobskoy.

The original article was published in – leading the Ukrainian edition in English. The magazine belongs to two Pakistan-born brothers Zahora (Zahoor) who have no journalistic experience, but working for U.S.-Ukrainian consortium: la US-Ukrainia Business Council

The same article was intercepted, and other resources, for example, is prohibited in Russia, Ichkeria page (the article is called Edmond Huet: Time to give Ukraine weapons)

As a “weapons expert” Edmond Wet performs on French radio France Inter, exposing video of Mikhail Leontiev with the evidence of participation of Ukraine in the crash of the Malaysian Boeing. Wet accuses Russian Central television and, accordingly, the Russian government propaganda.

And this information is picked up by other resources

Of course he was competing against the delivery of Mistral warships to Russia . And again he is presented here as a French entrepreneur, “the expert on weapons”.

In free from making arms time Monsieur Wet conducts round tables, in order to inform the population in Western Ukraine. Here, for example, together with Ukrainian Director Andrey TYCHEM working, particularly for CNN and al Jazeera America, and removing, for example, the movies “about a Ukrainian girl that had gone through the torture of separatists” . The third participant of this round table was “the Swiss trade Union activist of Russian origin” Kiril Bouquets.

As we can see, Edmond Wet is not just interested in weapons expert, and professional advocacy worker.

Here’s a parent of one of the students of the College, which enrolled many good, kind and wanting to understand the world of children.

What about them?

Now the kids are on Christmas break. Before leaving for the holidays, they stated that I wish to become better acquainted with their peers from the Donbass. What I want to write a letter and draw pictures. And want nothing so much as to hold the next teleconference as soon as possible.

Only now they have to support not only new friends of Donbass, but also their teachers, got in trouble. To protect the company and their right to become responsible citizens, good and free people.

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  1. Alors Lolo : infoutu d’écrire en anglais ? Infoutu de te relire ? Infoutu de trouver quelqu’un pour te relire ? On veille et tu ne pourras pas utiliser les enfants français pour ta propagande. Et l’Etat t’attend à ton retour…

  2. This book is perfect for a parent that does not want to take responsibility for their own wrongful actions towards their children. When all else fails the troubled parent seeks for answers using the children as pawns. This is a non excepted theory in the industry. What a shame that the ones being exploited are the children.

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