Colonial goods as a problem

Graded about 120 positions the legend.

Can already see how all of this will be complicated and be indigestible.
And in the course the question arose.

Colonial products went to the Old world from 1820-ies. Why?
Too late discovered America? This is not enough.
In 1820 82% fabrics hemp. Peasants, soldiers, laborers – all went to the hemp.
(note for reenactors)
Because long-staple Peruvian cotton exported to Algeria, India and Egypt after 1817.
The same France didn’t want to buy cotton from the United States, in Algeria it was more convenient and cheaper.
But Russia has started to grow its own cotton and tea only after 1880-ies.
The same picture with sunflower oil. It’s more hemp, and the yield is high.
But in Russia the sunflower has got only 1850-m. Why?
However. even with olive oil neponyatki. Sales statistics begins in 1847.
Previously, only information from the Bible: king Solomon someone there gave 40 thousand liters.
Don’t understand (

I can assume that cannabis killed the cotton lobby. Cotton smarter and cheaper.
And when cannabis was physically smaller. the question arose about the replacement and hemp oil.
Yeah, it’s like the working version of the good.

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