Devil winds race "white masters"

Many have seen the reproduction of a famous painting battle artist Vasily Vereshchagin “the Suppression of the Indian revolt by the English” (1884), according to the legend, the same British redeemed and destroyed.
The painting depicts the devil’s wind (English Devil wind,or Blowing from guns) — literally “Blow guns” is the name of the death penalty, which consisted of tying the condemned to the mouth of the gun and later shot her through the body of the victim (core, “idle” charge of gunpowder).

This penalty was applied massively by the British during the sepoy mutiny (1857-1858) and was actively used them to kill the rebels. The sepoy – Indian rebels who fought against British colonialists for the freedom of India.

The Indians – not the people and not representatives of any liberation movement. Mercenaries – hired soldiers-volunteers of the Muslim and Hindu faiths who volunteer to serve the British crown and the British colonialists recruited in the XVIII—XX centuries from among the local Indian population.
The cause of the rebellion have been rumors about new ammo with a shell impregnated with cow and pig fat, spread in the 34th regiment of the Bengal native infantry. In order to load the rifle, the shell of the cartridge it was necessary to break the teeth of that for Muslims and Hindus was downright sacrilegious.
First protested one of the soldiers who tried to shoot a British officer, then the whole regiment stood to his defense. The British soldier was hanged, the regiment was disbanded, but it was too late. The blood poured in, and it could not be stopped. It flowed from 1857 to 1859. The uprising spread to the whole of India. The Indians slaughtered the British, including women and children, the British slaughtered the Indians, also not limiting myself by any moral prohibitions.

Russian battle painter Vasily Vereshchagin, who studied the application of this penalty before writing his painting “the Suppression of the Indian revolt by the English” (1884), in his memoirs wrote the following:

“Modern civilization has scandalicious mainly to the fact that the Turkish massacre was made close by, in Europe, and then the means to commit atrocities too resembled tamerlanovskoye times: cut, slit her throat, just sheep.
Another thing from the British: first, they were doing the work of justice, the matter of retribution for the violated rights of winners, far away, in India; secondly, did the thing Grand: hundreds tied rebelled against their rule sepoy and sepoy to the cannon muzzles and without the shell, one of gunpowder, shooting them is already a great success against pererezali throat or ripping the belly. I repeat, everything is done methodically, in a good way: guns, how many of them will happen the number are arranged in series, each barrel slowly down and tied by the elbows, one more or less criminal Indian citizen, of different ages, professions and castes, and then on command all the guns fired at once.”

The reason for the British so cruel penalty was sober calculation of “white people”. The fact that torn to pieces the rebel in the other world appear insurmountable difficulties. By the way, to hopelessly Mar the after-life, was also practiced stitching corpses of Muslims in the bags of pork skin. Here’s what Vereschagin says:
“The death that they are not afraid, and the penalty means nothing to them; but what they avoid, what is necessary to stand before the highest judge in incomplete ostersundom, without head, without hands, with the lack of members, and this is not only likely but even inevitable when rasstrelivali guns.
Great detail: while the body has been blown to bits, all the head, breaking away from the body, flying spirally upwards. Naturally, then being buried together, without strict analysis of which it is the yellow gentleman belongs to one or the other part of the body. This, again, is very intimidating the natives, and it was the main motive of introducing a penalty rasstrelyana guns in particularly important cases, as, for example, when the uprisings.
Europeans difficult to understand the horror of an Indian high caste when it is necessary to touch the brother inferior: it needs not to close yourself the opportunity to escape, to bathe and to offer sacrifices after that. So awful that at modern formations have, for example, on the Railways to sit the elbow on the elbow with everyone, but here it can happen, no more, no less that the head of a brahmin of the three cords will lie at eternal rest near the spine pariah — brrr! The thought of it shakes the soul of the hard Indian!
I say this very seriously, in full confidence that none of the former in those countries or familiar with them impartially according to the descriptions will not contradict me.”
So “white gentlemen” the British, along with the physical destruction of their enemies, led them at the same time with psychological warfare, playing on the thin strings of their ancient religious traditions.
Rudyard Kipling, Golden pen of the British race “white masters”, in his famous poem “the white Burden”, said:

Carry the burden of White
Among the tribes of others –
Sons send
To do good to them;
Tirelessly to work
For the afflicted people –
As children.
Out childhood demons – that’s what conquered people to race a British “white masters”. And soon they were replaced by the German “master race”, but it was a little different story.
Original taken from mikhaelkatz

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