Doping scandal, sanctions, NATO expansion, all red herrings.

The beneficiaries of the process are preparing a Maidan anywhere, USA or England is no exception. “Controlled chaos” translate into uncontrollable chaos. The Chow will soon cease to deliver in cities, which are home to 90% of the population. Then the townspeople will go to Rob those who live in the villages and like it comes in a whisker does not blow: it was already run-in we have in the 90’s, when the townspeople attacked the village and slaughtered cattle. Giving it to you to close the locks – still hungry will break.

Why? Well, speak clearly, openly – 90% of the population is superfluous.
What’s next? And then everything is ready

So our “elite” is defined, whom to join:

What this means and which side they take, are written here

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I remember there was this joke:
A girl asks a passerby guy:
– Do you know what time it is?
He pulls out his snake and starts his tail spin like a propeller.
– A quarter hour. “Says the guy.
The girl speechless with surprise thanks, its off to the sidelines, and thinking: – “Damn it, how it with the aid the revolving a-mole time defines? Something’s wrong here. I’ll try to figure out what the catch”. Again suited to that. The guy (he stood in line for ice cream):
– Sorry for the molestation. Do not tell the time?
The guy again took from his pocket-a-mole, spins it and says:
– Five minutes to an hour.
“Damn it! I can not understand what the trick is. How do you do it!?
– It’s simple, ” says the Joker while you’re on my a-mole look, I look at that clock on the pole. (note: in the original joke appears not snakeJ)

Do not be distracted by the expansion of NATO. Russia will implode from within.
What I remembered this anecdote? But the read me says Oleg Borovskikh on the greatest show on earth, whose witnesses we all are now:
There is much talk about the expansion of NATO to the East. Although the term is incorrect, NATO has expanded not today and not yesterday. Now the unit only increases military presence in countries that have already not the first year are members of NATO. Of course, this was to be expected, and to be surprised here absolutely nothing.
All the snot-cries about the expansion of NATO’s military presence in the East are reminiscent of the outrage of the women that brought the idle man to his home, gave to drink-fed, bed made – and then began to squeak and make excuses when he reached to undress her. Before I was beeping and complaining. Russia could really prevent the entry of certain countries into NATO, if it really wanted to. Especially dwarfs such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
However, it is fair to say that the increase in military presence of NATO, which is happening now is mostly symbolic. Such forces do not stop Russia in case of real war. Moreover, this is not enough to attack.
In front of the noses of Russia waving a red rag, but you have to understand that in itself is a red flag – a complete zero, it does no harm, its function is purely distraction. The attack is not a red rag.
History shows that those fools who dared to open the attack on Russia, necessarily suffered utter defeat. Even if collected in a fist a very serious force and was endowed with certain leadership abilities. Enough to remember Hitler and Napoleon. Russia won only one way: blew up from the inside.
However, not only Russia. Here we can recall and Yugoslavia, and it is quite a recent example – Ukraine. That is, even where the West could, in principle, to win a direct confrontation – he studiously avoids collision, it is on the principle of explosion inside. Moreover, it is necessary to pay tribute to those who manages all these processes: they are usually well take into account the internal situation and the mentality of the people, soberly assessing the ability of the government, which intends to wipe off the face of the earth.
For example in Iraq was a rigid dictatorship, and there was no opposition. But when the moment of truth, it quickly became clear that many of those who relied on Saddam, turned out to be overbought; and betrayed their leader. That is the role of the opposition were not any outcasts from the streets and basements, and the pillars of dictatorship, loyal Cerberus Hussein.
In Libya to a certain point it seemed that there is not just no anti-government sentiment, but to take them nowhere, because Gaddafi’s petrodollars have provided the population is very high quality of life. In Libya went to work not only migrant workers from Third world countries, but also European specialists. The political field was also stripped of any signs of opposition. However, when it is X hours, suddenly from under the ground burst to the surface active are numerous and surprisingly well-prepared opponents of the regime.
In Yugoslavia had the highest standard of living of all the socialist countries, the unprecedented socialist standards, the level of freedom. No one is oppressed, the Church, the Yugoslavs quietly went to work in Western Germany. For ethnic hatred, too, as if there was a reason – every major nation had its own Republic, and with a high level of economic independence. In Nations less – Autonomous region. Nevertheless, Yugoslavia has turned into a flaming torch – when it took the masters of the world.
In the Soviet Union was also a separate Republic, in which the standard of living was comparable with developed countries of the world – no exaggerations. But in such republics, like Georgia or Moldova, somebody needs a time, emerged the most high and fierce levels of anti-Sovietism. This despite the fact that Georgians, Moldovans who lived in the Soviet Union so well and safely, as they had lived in its history – and never again will not live.
That is, if you take up the case properly, if you take into account all the nuances and national mentality – you can blow up almost any country, any society. And plays no role in the standard of living in this country, as well as the presence or absence of legal opposition. In the USSR too there was no legal opposition, and the leading role of the Communist party was spelled out in the Constitution. So what?
Just the first of the Communists, all those of Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Yakovlev, Gaidar, Yavlinsky and Shevardnadze became the destroyers of the Soviet Union. And not funny stupid dissidents, which meant nothing and which no one takes seriously.
While we cannot say that Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Shevardnadze once in poverty during the Soviet era, somehow have been wronged and oppressed. Just the opposite – they were the elite! Or any other power, these semi-literate people from remote villages and towns, to the end of life have not learned to speak correctly in Russian, would be unable to reach such heights, which they provided to the Soviet power (on his head). In the Soviet Union lacked really oppressed, the poor and the disadvantaged. But they did not accept the collapse of the country. The poor and disadvantaged only eyes clapped in astonishment, watching what they do with the state of those who are complaining was absolutely nothing.
So I have not the slightest reason to assume that those who blew up from the inside already not one, not two States, suddenly shuts down brains and they moved to the Russian tanks under the flags of NATO.
They did not turn off. The open attack on Russia will not. Will be undermining the state from within.
And undermining – not the hands of all the funny and stupid Khodorkovsky, Kasyanov, pusek, or Pavlensky. If the public and used only for distractions – that is an additional red rag.
And even if things work out – none of these people will not give any serious positions in the occupation administration. As one after 1991 did not provide any public office Novodvorskaya, Solzhenitsyn, or Rezun-Suvorov.
If in Russia there will be the orange revolution, this will be done by the hands of those closest to the President and has real opportunities for such a coup.
I don’t want to say that there are all traitors. Surrounded by Stalin, too, were not all traitors. A considerable number of people kept him faithful to the end of life. But for the coup is not necessarily that all were traitors. A tiny amount of key figures and a number of passive sheep among ordinary performers.
Plus, witting or unwitting accomplices of the orange revolution will be all sorts of bribes, corrupt officials, embezzlers, and the fools on the ground that the very fact of its existence diskreditiert power worse than any foreign agents.
And well, when a fool speaks openly against the government. Worse, when he openly and publicly advocates the power – thereby discrediting the government. Unfortunately in Russia, the bulk silly Jingo, which just in the interests of Russia would be better not to talk the language of different stuff, tearing the chest vest.
Well when “Misha two percent” openly opposed the government, promising to return Crimea to the Ukrainians. Much worse, when a similar two-legged show your patriotism and under the guise of the patriotism as a screen, doing foul things.
For example, in the Amur region for the first time in Russia, a monument of “polite people” (not having to them any relation). And at the same time surprised Russia by the level of lawlessness, when the builders of the spaceport (and not some fast food) had to declare a hunger strike to get the hump of the money (a mere cents by the way). That is, in those parts were absolutely pointless to go to court, the Prosecutor’s office, to the local Governor or to the head of the district in whose territory were under construction. Absolute mutual responsibility. Full mafia spike. And at the same time, as a business card – a monument to the “polite people”…
Probably don’t need to be a psychologist to guess how diskreditiert power here are the rats. And not only discredit the cause.
Let’s imagine the situation: these people (not necessarily in the Amur region, this applies to any region) is made a tempting offer – they perform some action, or Vice versa, do nothing themselves and hinder others to act. And in exchange, they guarantee that in the case of the collapse of the country, the region will become an independent state (of course under the auspices of the overseas curators), in which they, the local “elite”, will be the hosts. Something like this happened with the republics of the former USSR.
Unless these rats refuse? And even if they refuse – because they are easy to compel cooperation by blackmailing their sins…
By the way, I want to note one curious thing: when I first fell upon this filth, which was starving the builders of the cosmodrome, some of the commentators asked in astonishment: “And where the regional or district attorney? How it can be relevant to the spaceport?”
That is, the reality is that the inhabitants of some regions don’t even know what a Prosecutor. Such a shift in the minds of the people, accustomed to live in conditions of total lawlessness. This, of course, not everywhere, not all regions of Russia. But nevertheless it is what it is. From the song words can not erase.
In the Soviet Union the path to the disintegration of the country, too, began with the rise of corruption, bribery and nepotism.
So what about NATO expansion to the East must, of course, to protest. And the harder the better. But the main blow to Russia, which undoubtedly sooner or later will follow, will be applied from the inside.
The main enemy of Russia – in Russia itself.
However, it is very important to consider one important point. Trying to confront the internal enemy, in any case impossible to bring down repression on the people randomly and hysterically arresting everyone whose face is not like it, or who said something wrong. If the government will go the way of grasping right and wrong, by way of intimidation – the effect of this will be opposite to the expected.
We must clearly realize that it is trivial in General the truth that the saying “you are afraid – means respect” was invented by stupid people who do not know what real fear and real respect. The same stupid people invented the saying: “Silence gives consent”.
Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi is also thought that the main enemies are those who dare to say something against it. And those who are silent – agree. Alas: the main and most dangerous enemies are the people who are first and loudest to agree with you, even if you are nonsense. Betray – just his own. More precisely, those who were considered her – because I never argued and all agreed. If a man tells you: “Where are you going? There’s also the abyss ahead!” – it does not mean that he is an enemy, a brute and boor. It is possible that the ahead really abyss and the man wants to save you, albeit somewhat rudely (because not all are born diplomats).
Just the enemy in this case (if really ahead of the abyss) will say: “the right way, esteemed friend!” And try to silence the one who warns you.
So – all you need to do to the mind. And repression are only good if they hit the real enemies and skilfully conducted.
Repression by fools or social climbers – will play directly against the government. This is not to forget even for a minute.
Russia has a chance to survive in this struggle. Still there, I think. But in order to win the fight, we must first clearly understand who your enemy is and where he is. Then everything else.

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