(For)cloud technology F-35


F-35 – All operators are busy. A little dance here to stay on the line.
This answer can hear the surprised Italian military, if they suddenly decided to bring a little democracy on his new f-35 (if it will fly).

According to Italian sources, in may of this year it became known that the Ministry of defense instructed the firm Lockheed-Martin to build some laboratories for the software aircraft sold to other countries (Reprogramming Laboratories).
These labs will be located directly on U.S. soil and they will calculate the parameters of operational missions for all f-35 aircraft of those countries which according to the United States do not have the necessary resources for independent calculations (i.e., suckers).
The Italians, for example, will have to call in America, to explain where they’re going to fly (and one bomb) and the lab will send them all the necessary files to load into the onboard computer of the aircraft (Mission Data Files -. MDF).
Also there is a suspicion that these lovely lab will be able to upload data directly to the aircraft during the flight. And the pilot can’t be sure who he sent these details: your or the Americans. Now, of course there is no difference, but who knows how it will be in a few years.
In Rome do not lose heart and optimistically declared that by 2020, all software will somehow concentrated in Italy. But under American law the technology used to create MDF files can not leave his native country.
I almost forgot: the laboratory and everything connected with them should be paid by those who use them.
None of this does not speak aloud, but I think that everyone understands that the loss of the status of vassal automatically imply the transformation of the flying irons in very expensive scrap metal.
Dragged with ASH
Waiting in the army electronic warfare program to fill the “need” MDF-files…

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