Free censorship and democratic propaganda


Sometimes, getting acquainted with news from the world of democracy, I feel Paganel, who came across the strange unknown insect. Just a delight feeling on the correct shapes of wings, antennae, and other spiracles.
Here, for example, the wonderful work of the Center for European policy analysis (CEPA) and the Legatum Institute. These two venerable organizations issued a joint study entitled “Winning the information war”.

Then I wonder two things.
First, it is not specified, the information war is WHO is going to win the democratic institutions. And so they say, it is clear that we can talk only about Russia.
Secondly, the study recognizes the presence of the very fact the information war — and it is a wonderful revelation. Because all of our totalitarian liberal party entrenched on the various “Echoes”, “Ahah” and “the Rains”, does not recognize the presence of the information war against Russia, but then that’s how it turns out.
So, selected points of 12 produced by the light brain storm troopers of eurodemocracy institutions.
1. Europe needs “the Venice Commission” for the media
“The first line of defense”, according to the authors, is the fight against “is frankly propaganda” by state regulatorsthat have the power to impose “quality journalism”. In particular, the study mentions Lithuania banned broadcasts of the TV channel “RTR Planeta”, and at the same time urged to be on the British regulator Ofcom, which does not prohibit the transfer of Russia Today, however, uses fines and other sanctions in cases when it considersthat certain programs “violated the principles of good journalism and distorted facts”

I mean, we are talking about introduction of censorship at the level of democratic States. This is an interesting item, send it to scrap one of the basic evrotsennostey – freedom of speech.
2. States should be more open
Despite the fact that even the United States abolished the body responsible for propaganda during the cold war, the authors of the recommendations believe that it is necessary to revive in Europe, some analogues of the state or even interstate “Agency information”.

The second paragraph suggests, in fact, enter the Ministry of propaganda. This is a great course, not at all resembling the creation kiselevskogo monster, whose pretensions are so afraid enlightened Europe.
3. Analogue Transparency International and Global Witness for anti-propaganda
The joint work of journalists around the world over the controversial documents for Panama offshore companies shows that, when the press from different countries comes together the result can be extremely effective, and the authors are encouraged to use this experience against “the Kremlin’s media”. They believe that if we could create an international organization following the example of Transparency International, OCCRP or Global Witness, focused on exposing Russian propaganda”, the result has not kept itself waiting. This organization could also engage in verification of “good” media, to Western sponsors know how their money dispose of a particular publication, and kept the “best”.

In paragraph declared the need to create anti-Russian front of journalists. Especially touched by a spicy nuance on the”verification “good” media“. Likely to be the notorious “doping tests” on the”goodness”. And sponsorship (where without it) “the best”. Apparently, the most objective, the most anti-Russian. I suspect that Shenderovich & Co has made a stand.
4. The working group “historical trauma”
As emphasized in the report, the Russian propaganda machine “relentlessly glorifies the role of the USSR in the Second world war”, calling all opponents “fascists” and ignoring the fact that many of those who fought on the German side, “believed that fighting for freedom for his people.”

Lovely item, it’s time the case of Vlasov, Bandera, Solzhenitsyn and Svanidze to deliver in a big way. Executioners and traitors because they always fight for freedom for his people.
5. Targeted content supply
The authors also propose to use the tools of “targeted content delivery in social networks, allowing you to deliver the right information to a specific “target audience” — for example, to those who are already “fully succumbed to Russian propaganda”, to them.

This paragraph outlines the anti-Russian activities in social networks etc. the Goal is our Patriotic grounds, where no light of truth. Need this light, accordingly, to convey. Well, expected the invasion of the daughters of officers” and other competent characters.
7. Charter bloggers
As noted in the study, Russia is “actively using” the fact that in the modern media space bloggers are playing an increasingly important role and can have both positive and negative effect on the dissemination of information. Therefore, the authors recommend bloggers of the West “to unite efforts” and to sign a special Charter that they agree to follow ethical and professional standards. In their opinion, this symbolic act will have at the same time “uniting” effect and will help bloggers to unite in the fight against “Russian propaganda.”

If translated into Russian, the paragraph refers to the need to create (on the model of journalism) blogerska anti-Russian front.
Briefly summarize the reading, it would be desirable to note the following.
Only a very biased, or blind person can do after such passages, it is not against Russia is an information war.
Only outright defeat in the information clashes forcing the West to write such papers, and shamelessly publish them. The degree of shamelessness (and what they, untermensch, shy?) this document equal except that a bloated doping scandal in the run-up to Rio.
The West itself has said that:
1. Against West Russia conducted an economic war. Cm. Obama’s statements that “we have torn to shreds the Russian economy“;
2. Against Russia by the West is an information war. C. material above;
It is also obvious just based on the facts that:
3. Against Russia the West is a political war. Obviously, one only has to open the websites of Western news whales – CNN, FOX, BBC etc.;
4. Against Russia the West is a classic war. Bring down (with a slingshot, probably) Russian helicopters in Syria, the attempts of sabotage in the Crimea, war in Donbas, missile defense in Europe, the contraction forces of NATO in Eastern Europe of missile defense in South Korea – more than enough. Again, do not disappoint, ex-Deputy head of the CIA’s Morell, who said that the United States should be in Syria “to secretly kill the Russians and the Iranians”.
Try to build in such a situation, with the West a mutually beneficial partnership dialoguebased on respect for international law is just as promising as it is safe.
When in the minds of our elites an instinct of self-preservation will outweigh the interior Westernism, which is the core, the chord of their identity?

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