from the polynkov . about the war, lies, etc.

Original taken from polynkov to CALL “BAKSAN” ON the REVERSE SIDE of the MINSK AGREEMENTS , the CONCEALMENT of LOSSES, MUCH more

The main driving force of volunteer is a keen sense of justice. Alexander Rublev, call “Baksan”, in this respect, is not exactly an exception.

In this sense of justice is sensitive to such an extent that it loses all other senses. Including the sense of security. When it comes to truth and justice, Alexander thinks of himself last. These people crank call. Some say that simplicity is worse than theft, and these people I love. From them, do not wait sneaking. It’s the people justice and honor. And silent they will not. Even though the direct threat to his life.
A little background

Probably many people remember .post in my Giornale about the dangers of alcohol When one shell was covered with four fighters. I did not say that I did not write. And published it at the request of the of the unit. Didn’t want to set him up.
But soon Baksan himself admitted that he did it. If he didn’t, would hurt the other person. Baksana was arrested. About his arrest . I asked a few questions to his direct commanders
And seems to have found a compromise solution. To punish were not just fired from the BCH. And I really was glad to have him back.
But in what way and by what methods it was all done, makes ask new questions.
However, watch an interview with the Baksan themselves.

The fact that his tablet, which was seized as evidence in a few days was offered for sale in the online store, that did me in.

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