Genghis Khan and the “civilization of ecological development”


Guardian surprising news from the “nomadic civilization.
From 3 to 8 September Kyrgyzstan will be hosting the second-ever world nomad games, according to The Guardian. The purpose of the event, a magnificent opening ceremony which was held on Saturday to honor the heritage of the peoples of Central Asia, writes the correspondent Shaun Walker.

This game involves 40 countries. Some of them have a long tradition of nomadic lifestyle, others have come rather for the sake of fun…
The attention of the public and tension of the competition is the leader of Kok-Boru. “This is the harsh Central Asian variant of Polo: two teams vie for the headless carcass of a goat“—the author writes, explaining that the players fight with fists and apply lashes. “To score a goal, you need to gallop away with the goat and dip it in something like a small pool.
Matches for Kok-Boru held for the newly built race track on 10 thousand seats in Cholpon-ATA city on the Issyk-Kul lake. There on the racetrack, held a Grand opening…
If Genghis Khan were alive, he would have been here, “said the presenter.
President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev said at the opening: “the civilization of the nomads — an example of ecologically sustainable development, that is what today is looking for all of humanity”.

Ecologically sustainable development the nomads? Lol into? Nomadic University named after Genghis Khan? Mobile nano-lab is horse-drawn?
The obvious absurdity it is said — where the nomads and where is development?
1. Do not understand (do not want to understand) the President of a big state;
2. Development starts where there is life. In this sense, the nomadic way of life — it is anti-development, it is at best stagnating, and in the case of the post-Soviet space is a pronounced regress. Environmentally-sustainable.
What is ecology? The goats head now humanely cut blades from high carbon steel, steal from the ruins of the military-industrial complex-shnogo of the Soviet plant?
Or what? That all looted and destroyed all the”environmentally unfriendly enterprises under the approving Pat on the shoulder from the West uncle?
Where, I wonder, in the world you can see a highly developed nomadic civilization?
And why “this is what looking for all of humanity”?
The fact that humanity is now looking for a way out of the impasse into which it was instituted capitalist path of development is obvious.
That’s just such a “nomadic green path” is part of a dead-end project mutated capitalism.
According to the draft tupikoviy” of life, humanity must share in the “city on the hill” humanity “of the city”, enjoying all the benefits of the planet, and neoclasicismo villages”, fighting each other and gradually reduce their numbers, including and using band-new hordes of nomads.
Only here development as a historical category here and does not smell.

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