GNI-M2.05 — external hard drive data from the INSTITUTE and VT. What was it and what are the consequences?


A couple of weeks ago, among a large flow of articles, our favorite sites flashed publication, telling about how in recent times the role of military research and development, especially domestic , thanks to the introduction of their outstanding results in the most advanced areas of civil science and technology.

I confess, then, I expressed cautious optimism in the comments to this article…

However, today I heard the news that changed my attitude on this issue.

The latest development of JSC “NIIFI and W” has surpassed all my imagination…

I especially want to note that this is not some sort of spherical horse in a vacuum — we all know that our outstanding military scientists do not always bring about the breakthrough scientific ideas to real implementation, not so long ago they even received a scolding from the next government.

No, today we are talking about the finished product, as enshrined in the gland, which can be purchased for a modest sum of 4 million rubles or even 3 700 000, using the procurement website.

I will not test the patience of the reader, we will focus on the latest external hard drive… weighing in at 25 pounds. Other parameters of this momentous gadget the interested reader can see under the cut. Then I quite seriously propose to discuss what it means to manufacture this type of devices and how this may impact on our defense.
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