Good Version. the plot against Putin

Original taken from sozero in $ 140 million Colonel Zakharchenko is not theft, and conspiracy against Putin

Sergei Dorenko

When the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs found 9 billion – about $ 140 million, all suddenly began to ask: how, then, General? But still let’s go down to the ground, will take into account properties of the world – no, that can’t be Colonel $ 140 million on the floor in the apartment, that is absurd.

Even all of the OPG know what you need to acquire offshore companies in Cyprus or somewhere else. But such money is generally long in apartments don’t lie. This is not a common Fund. Common funds shove structures, distribute, hiding. But to Moscow, the apartment lay, like a long term Deposit, $ 140 million – it does not happen.
Obviously, the Colonel was simply told to overdo the money. And he is only the cashier, busy overexposure of money. Of course, for a percentage. Modest, good guy who before that took a bribe in 7 million rubles. Tell me, if a person has $ 140 million, he will take a bribe in 100 thousand dollars? Do not tell. This is absurd. It’s like the millionaire who would go on the squares and pulled out of the pigeons crumbs from the beak. This is ridiculous!
For this shy guy 100 thousand dollars – a large, beautiful, good bribe. Yes, and that he probably shared with someone, not all his picks.
So where did he suddenly have prefigurative this astronomical sum? And why is the FSB so keen on it?
It is reported that this money is somehow linked to Nota-Bank Rothenburg. And the FSB is really on them fell, and did not come for his share, because the team was at the top.
Now – what was it for money? Or Nota-Bank, as I have already said, the interests of the Rotenberg. Or…
Or MIA with the help of Colonel Zakharchenko, the ACTING head of the “T” anti-corruption of the MIA of Russia were plotting against Putin. It was focused a large cache for large outdoor operations, to bribe the organizers of the protest, for instant response sales media, ready to sing today on any order.
Something had to happen immediately after the elections or later. And then everything is clear. It is clear why the sister of Colonel Zakharchenko was $ 140 million, which are always available to take suitcases to deliver to the right address.
There’s no other explanation. Even all OCG, I repeat, know what you need to acquire offshore companies in Cyprus to hide these sums. And here they are fantastic bundles, Recalling those terrible “box on the copier” in which enthusiasts dragged the dollar to the presidential campaign of Yeltsin in 1996.
And again, this is not a common Fund. Common funds shove structures, distribute, hiding. But to Moscow, in the apartment even the highest-ranking Colonel lay $ 140 million – it does not happen.
That is, there is no doubt that the interior Ministry was preparing a plot against Putin. And that explains how and why at the apartment of “the Colonel’s sister” turned out to be the $ 140 million, ready for instant distribution on the hands involved in the conspiracy activists.
But in order not to ruin the reputation of the entire Ministry of interior and not to heat up other troublemakers – it is clear that the whole thing is then launched on the brakes.

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