Great story about a little mouse: the mouse Museum

Original taken from logik_logik in a Big tale about a little mouse: the mouse Museum

Original taken from cheremsha in a Big tale about a little mouse: the mouse Museum

Love these stories when we are witnesses. There is no advertising gloss, no one calls to go to visit 🙂

And now we have the pleasure to read the story and see photos sergthegod made in
the world’s only Museum of the mouse!

Under the cut is a really interesting collection of mice of the different caliber 🙂

At the entrance we were immediately met by a collection of amusing ads. For those who are afraid to break eye – and I quote:
“Dig holes – buy Swiss cheese”
“Professionally eliminate any waste. Cheap!”
“Come back and … help to finish it.”
“Looking for you my only beloved furry baby”
“I want to lose weight? Call me for a visit!”
“Mouse for sale second calving”
“I’m a friend. Anyone who have have. May hear complaints and to wipe snot”
“Changing bread crust to any Bank account!”
“My Moscow residence permit for one-bedroom hole in Myshkin”
“Quiet, eat what I can get. Give myself in good hands! Droopy ears, respond to cheese”
“Urgent! You want a taster of cheese!”
“Private lessons rat race”
“Grey is the color of the finished optimists!”
“Actually suggest sex. Mouse male”
“I’d be happy to meet single plump myshom for serious but short-lived relationships”
“The second stage of gluttony – the path to perfection!”
“Hole in the budget for “mouse” in the head!”
“I want to forget? Get bat – zadolbali!”
“Qualified help to get away … from life. Cat Barsik”
“Free! I ruin everything!!!”
“I can’t! A little more and I’ll tell everybody how good you are!”
“Sold the mouse hole. Improved layout, is located away from cat trails”
“Saving up for a sex change. Help who than can”
“Sell grey coat price mink”
“Cheese is the most important. Proven”
“Respond, white! Gray was anymore, it’s time to unite!”
And others 🙂

The slogan at the top, looks like it’s going to be my home too.

“Dressed well, clean-shaven. I guess he wallet Stribro”. (C) harms

Great story about a little mouse: the mouse Museum
And even in the scores crept a mouse.

Aren’t they awesome??

It is strange that not the king the priest, and only Medvedev.

For each mascara on maskalenko!

Obey me!

The most beautiful Museum reading all the letters to him, best work sets, everything is stored, everything is paid attention. So if you are a noble muscadel – your mouse all the chances to appear in the Museum.

The illustration of the famous phrase.

Where without the service passages and doors?:)

Telenyanya? You became the mouse?

Mouse – one of the favorite characters of books and games. And always good!


Illustration of the legend of the mouse. According to the legend, the mouse ran down the face of the sleeping Prince that saved him from a snake bite. And the Prince commanded the SIM to lay the city of Myshkin is such an interesting story!

The Museum has award. Which is not surprising! It is unclear why so little!

“The Mouse king and the clown”. Exposition.

Although he definitely knows who is the king.

I love this mouse!!!

Next hang is an absolutely amazing watch.

The boy, who was standing nearby, tried to compete with me in rate of fire of the camera. The bar of soap against electronic SLR with a fixed mirror. Pfft.


Not without mice American.

This is the statue I like. Hopefully, the mouse escaped being eaten – the cat had a paralysis.

Mouse Chinese, all sorts.

A lot of reviews, most – flattering. Many tourists from abroad.

Stand with stuff.

Yes, it really Okudzhava. And for good reason – he was one of those (and Likhachev, etc.), thanks to whom Myshkin has regained town status in the 91st year.

Even foreign mice.

And finally – the mouse from various cartoons.
Great story about a little mouse: the mouse Museum
Great tale about the little mouse, the mouse Museum

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