Harmful antivirus

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Many users of personal computers, and bloggers learn including use antivirus software. But are they necessary at all? Maybe they’re vermin?
So imagine how some readers had snide smileys. How so, because the anti-virus needed and it’s not negotiable! So, these citizens remind me of the people thinking patterns that like to repeat stale dogmas. Now I will explain more, and those who do not quite understand what it’s about, you can skip the words under the spoiler.

Sometimes you meet in the network for useful tips on configuring computers in which with great aplomb recommendation is to set the size of the paging file 1.5-2 times more RAM. And these tips are found even in our time, although they were relevant in the days of Windows 98 when the iron was weak, and the memory is small.
According to this flawed logic, if the RAM is 4 GB, paging file must be 6-8 Gigabytes, while memory 8 GB – swap file from 12 to 16 Gigabytes. Nonsense? Nonsense of course! But continue to advise, not trying to understand the meaning!
After installing RAM 4 GB swap file at all can be eliminated, unless of course you are playing heavyweight games or engage in simulation of nuclear fusion. By the way, in Ubuntu and probably other linuksoidy systems, you can do without a swap partition.
For example, on Ubuntu 10.4, everything works without problems, with 2 GB of RAM. Later I was not tested, as I’m more interested in Windows because of the computer games I like to play. I hope this is enough to convince you that I know a little bit about computers?
But back to our anti-virus software. All I will tell you is the result of practical work, observations and analyzing bits of information obtained from a variety of places online. You can skip it by ear, and can benefit. All depends only on you.
All serious firms involved in the development of anti-virus and related software, actively cooperate with the secret services. In that moment, when you run a scan of your computer, or just in the background, an analysis of all that is on your computer. Not only a possible virus, and all the information!
When you start anti-virus updates, although many are set in the automatic mode, transfer occurs only interesting thing were found on your computer in different places where it is parsed and stored from time to time.
Many of these firms specifically develop and release in a network of its own viruses in order to successfully identify and neutralize, by publicly demonstrating their success. Interestingly, an antivirus program developed by these companies are completely unable to detect viruses from hackers-singles.
You know how sometimes a well-known anti-virus software? Ideally, they need to identify malicious programs based on their behavior. But in practice it turns out that viruses are detected simply by checking the list of names of the viruses that are in the database. That is why the newest viruses are almost never detected.
I conducted tests have shown that conventional antivirus can’t identify quite simple keyloggers. For those who don’t know, a Keylogger is a program that records the sequence of keys you pressed and can sometimes transmit them to the network.
When you connect to the network from another computer, it is possible that the owner receives your logins and passwords that you enter from the keyboard. The developers of the operating system Windows 10 officially acknowledged that this operating system is embedded keyloggers.
Some of the most cunning users who like to test the new system, trying to get around keyloggers using the on-screen keyboard (the characters are drawn with a computer mouse). Don’t know how in Windows 10, but many of the programs-keyloggers can take screenshots of your screen at specified intervals of time.
Incidentally it is interesting that antiviruses often don’t get any help from the appearance of banners with extortion of money for some fictional pornography. Will tell you more about it. Imagine a normal family in which all one shared computer.
And here one fine day when you turn on a banner appears on the screen threatening text. This is usually something like “You watched child pornography, for this you get fined (specify the address to transfer money), otherwise the materials will be transferred to judicial organs”.
Complete legal heresy and nonsense, but nevertheless often this works. Why? But imagine the situation: a husband and a wife – classic dumb blonde. Who is the main suspect in the viewing of child pornography or something like that is hysterical moralists?
Even if all the details and explain clearly that the sediment and distrust still remain. But in real life this could easily lead to divorce. So, especially for all the blondes and other suspicious citizens want to say that such banners from other people always get in the most innocent places, most often in the databases of abstracts.
The state of such things is never working, so no need to maintain crooks. Even if you pay and get an unlock code, the virus will still be somewhere in the bowels of the operating system and not the fact that he will not appear for example in a month. Remember – if the person is paid once, it will try to Rob again!
Many people use antivirus software because developers and manufacturers are lobbying for their own interests, forcing big business to purchase its licensed antivirus program. Otherwise we do not guarantee the safety of your data.
The situation is well characterized by this example: buy our fire extinguishers, but if not buy, do not be surprised that your home suddenly, but it’s bound to get burned. Here’s a legalized form of voluntary and compulsory withdrawal of money.
But what about ordinary citizens? Even if you don’t know much about computers then still try to learn how to work with Live-CD or flash drives, allowing you to run the computer without your main operating system, if necessary, to copy the necessary information. Someday it will come in handy!
Damaged or infected operating system easier and safer to reinstall, but if you have software such as Acronis, you can pre-configure and copy the entire section. Recovery in this case takes a couple of minutes, no more. It’s much faster than trying to check something antivirus.
Many problems can be avoided if you use portable programs, especially browsers. About portable programs I have described in this post. Correctly selected and customized browser to easily replace all these antivirus.
Don’t forget that the antivirus program is greatly slowing down your PC and block your own actions by asking unnecessary questions. However, the choice is yours, to convince anyone I’m not.

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