How I became a Communist.

In this text I want to share one story. There are stories about people, is about things that I’m talking about a philosophical thought, which was a decisive ideological influence that I became a Communist. I would like to share how I “come yeah such a life”. Someone will laugh, someone is going to sound crazy, but someone will compare his way of becoming. The laughing and the “wild” of little interest to me, this post is for those who compare with his. So:
In the late 90-ies in society still prevailed the atmosphere, when Communist ideas either laughed or thought them wild. I myself seduced by the laughter and wildness. Education at the University was saturated with a sluggish, viscous anti-communism. Professor of the “old guard” tried to camouflage their world, but quickly “read” a shallow, but a quick glance of the student. None of them failed to exert the influence to which they implicitly and secretly sought.

The “source” of my world were not University professors. They became my school teacher. Her name won’t tell you anything, so here I will call just “school teacher”. She taught us history and social studies.
After graduation we kept her warm relationship. I was part of a group of students who after school and continued her periodically come to discuss different issues. Gradually, someone broke away from the group, came less and less frequently. After two years out of ten people were two or three. Group meetings became less and less. And I remember on one of our meetings, she offered me: “Andrew, Hey, you’ll study philosophy?” As already battered consumer “culture”, I remember thinking: “I Wonder how many will have to pay for business?” I have asked this question, fearing to offend the teacher. And rightly so. It would have insulted her.
After that we moved every week to meet and conduct our philosophical lessons. She probably felt my infection with anti-communism, and our lessons had no hint of this “wild” and “ridiculous” ideology. Was the ancient Greek philosophers, beginning with the Milesian school, and all subsequent major thinkers, each understood in detail. Before each class, she asked me to read their work, because for the teacher “old school” primary sources was a cornerstone in the study of philosophy.
I can’t remember how we started talking about humanity: our conversations often touched on related and relevant topics. In any case, it was the first time I was offered a serious thought to the notion of “humanity”. I imagined humanity as a mechanical sum of individuals, and never thought about it as a whole.
In each of our philosophical conversation was Central for me some thoughts which I felt singled out as particularly important, then thought about them, tried to understand.
And here is the conversation about humanity sounded new to me idea. I can’t remember in what context it was expressed by the teacher, but the wording I remember once and forever:
Andrew, but before mankind now is only one real alternative: it’s either die or join together and survive. And unite it can only be in the way of communism. Actually, communism is the unity of mankind“.
I felt a gust of fresh air, as if in close crammed with books, the room suddenly became more oxygen. For me this question was really something fundamentally new. In this section I’d never thought of.
I came home and began to comprehend what was said. There are tectonic shifts of the earth’s crust, and there is an invisible, slow but fundamental motion of its constituent slabs. The first time I felt this fundamental and enormous movement in themselves, in their thinking. Few who were fortunate to have some thoughts physically, literally, feel like reformatted neural connections in the brain. I have experienced this feeling three times in my life: when I read the first Chapter of “Capital” Karl Marx when he read the book the Soviet philosopher V. A. Vazulin “Logic of history” and the first time – when I contemplate who appeared to me an alternative. I was many times happy in your life, but perhaps the most profound and most fundamental feeling of happiness, it was these three time of life.
Reflecting on this idea, I literally physically felt, how did a total reformat of my world. And not just him, the space around me, space, historical and even geographical. Another way was to stand the entire history of Soviet society, as the history of great fit and break in the future, to a joint humanity. Another was world geography – now it was a gaping black hole in place of the USSR.
What I got from this? I got a new you. And in addition I got a very convenient and practical criterion of discernment of good and evil. Now all that “work” for the unity of mankind, was good, and everything “worked” on the death of humanity – evil. Before the world was grey and colorless. With the new criterion, I had the opportunity to distinguish between “color” actions, historical events, personalities, politicians and other and other. Since for me, everything – people, events, even things divided only into two groups: those that are directly or indirectly connected with the unification of mankind, and what to do with his death.
Someone will say that it’s romanticism and wandering in the ephemeral clouds. I don’t know. For me there is nothing more practical than this main “road” of humanity – the way of his enterprises. Even his own actions and I do appreciate advance consultation and comparing them with this criterion. I must admit, to be on the good side does not always work, but I’m more than confident that the resultant of all my thoughts and actions in the end will tilt to the other side, where the prospect of Communist unification of mankind.
So I became a Communist. If I were asked how to identify a Communist, then I would say this is someone who directly or indirectly conducts the life line, coinciding with the prospect of unification of humanity into a single coherent whole. And what does such an integer that the Soviet philosopher V. A. Vazulin called organic? Many people think that communism is a utopia, the idea of “heaven on earth. This is not so. In this society there will be contradictions, but it will be contradictions of other sort. Communism – this social integrity of mankind, in which contradictions are “working” on its development and improvement, not destruction and death. The Soviet Union was the first step in this direction, therefore, to protect and to honor the memory of the Soviet experience is too mean to be a Communist.
This is my personal story of this philosophical thought.

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