How many anti-Russian scum in the media divorced!

December 21, 1959 in the house of Commons of great Britain former Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave a speech dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Stalin.

While remaining a staunch enemy of communism and of our country, Winston Churchill said:
“The greatest happiness for Russia was that in the years of hardship Russia was headed by the genius and unwavering commander I. V. Stalin. He was an outstanding personality, appeals to the cruel time of the period in which she had spent his whole life. Stalin was a man of extraordinary energy, erudition and unbending willpower, harsh, tough, ruthless both in business and in conversation, which even I, raised in the English Parliament, could not oppose.

Stalin, above all, possessed a great sense of sarcasm and humor, and the ability to accurately Express their thoughts. Articles and speeches he wrote himself, and in his works sounded gigantic power. This power was so great in Stalin that he seemed unique among the leaders of all times and peoples. Stalin left us with the greatest impression. His influence on people was irresistible. When he entered the hall of the Yalta conference, all of us, as if on cue, stood up and, strangely, somehow kept his arms at his sides.

He had a deep, devoid of any panic, logical and sensible wisdom. Stalin was a consummate master to find difficult minutes of a way out of the stalemate. In the most difficult moments and moments of celebration, he was equally restrained, never succumbed to the illusions. He was an extraordinarily complex personality. He created and subjugated vast Empire. This was the man that his enemy was destroyed by the hands of his enemies, and made us, whom he openly called imperialists, to fight against imperialists.

Stalin was the greatest who had no equal as a dictator, He accepted Russia with a plow, and left with atomic weapons. No! Whatever may be said about him, such history and peoples do not forget!
This statement of Churchill has become a canonical assessment of Stalin and included in the Encyclopedia Britannica

So, any scum, water slops from Stalin’s unwashed face, I advise you to learn where are those whom he naive aspiring Stalinist bastard.
Compare the Stalin, this Churchill, with an estimate of the Jew Mandelstam:

His thick fingers like worms, fat,
And the words, as forty-pound weights, true,
Cockroach laugh of ucisa,
And Shine his boots.

This is the howling of the jackals fell on Stalin,
the company of slanderers.”
– Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of great Britain

The jackals will be punished according to the law of the Russian Federation
– R. Kadyrov, Head Of Chechen Republic

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