How to improve the work of the modem in case of poor network coverage

Hi. This time we decided to write an article about antennas, in the context of an antenna for USB modems. Will tell you what they are, why so look, what problems it solves each of the antennas.

We took into account the wishes in the comments to the previous article about how to write “simpler”, at the same time, we cannot use technical descriptions and terminology. I hope that we get the right balance and at the same time useful contents.

Periodically, e-mail plant questions come like: “Why I bought the 3G antenna doesn’t catch LTE?”, or Opened your antenna — some pieces of iron/foil, where is the amplifier?” and many other issues.

It was decided to write an article including answers to such questions. The goal is to show how to operate such antennas, for example our own products and help to choose the proper antenna for receiving Internet signal in your own situation.
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