Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías

Today is the birthday of the historical leader of the Bolivarian revolution, Hugo Chavez. Birthday immortal… asked to provide a word to Chavez. Next, a small selection of some of his most famous sayings:

1. The commitment to democracy.

All my life – for the love of the people, I will devote up to the last second fight for democracy, respect for human rights

2. Soldiers of the people.

On this I stand firm. Let the people tells me, and I’ll be able to obey. I am a soldier of the people, all of you – my commander

3. The legacy of a fighter for integration

If I shut up, let the stones of the peoples of Latin America cry out that they are ready to be free from all colonialism

4. Giving back to the people.

In the name of Christ, in the name of all the hopes which I will achieve with the higher mandate of the Constitution superior even at the cost of my life” [apparently, these are the words of the President at the ceremony of the oath of allegiance to the new Constitution]

5. Latin America as a zone of freedom

Only now are we beginning to see firsthand that the Father is the liberator represented in the imagination: the great region, must have justice, equality and freedom

Of course, Chavez a lot of different statements. Previously, for the most part remembered and cited other, more radical, more socialist. Today’s Venezuela, today’s Latin America today’s world, apparently, in tune with these words that the portal Telesur decided to put on the main page on the day of his birth.

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