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Originally posted by cheremnykh_ivan at Rogozin and Dorenko on the Maidan. Interesting movie

Today Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Knight without fear and without reproach, a patriot, standing guard over the state, the Savior of the MIC – a way of Deputy Prime Minister is drawn today in our media and the blogosphere.
A beautiful tale, you want to believe. That’s only haunted one old story that I heard vaguely and almost forgotten. Its meaning is that the alleged Dmitry Rogozin took part in the Maidan, not about what happened two years ago, and since which, it has been almost 12 years. And really, in search we can easily find the image of Rogozin in an orange scarf on the stage next to Yushchenko.

And broke I have about this picture argument. Criticized me. Yes, and what to trust from all the crap you read on the Internet. Maybe it’s photoshop. But I do not doubt left.
I looked at the picture better and understand what is a stop-frame video (otherwise, why is the quality bad). I wanted to find a video. Turned out to be very difficult. Trying every possible way to formulate the query. Does not help.
I tried to find a text. It was found that almost all brushed. Ran into an article Yuri Krupnova, the site of which is preserved in the analysis of the behavior of Rogozin in that period. As well as his quotes, with links to the website of the party “Rodina”, which is now not working. Krupnov wrote:
On December 27 at the meeting in Kiev, also called the “feast Yushchenko, himself a winner in the company’s notebook “orange Muscovites” were all in orange colour by none other than the leader of the party “Rodina” Dmitry Rogozin.

That day he also managed the broadcast Yushchenko’s “Fifth channel” and circulated in the media a vague statement in which he fully supported the orange revolution and Yushchenko: “No doubt the results of the “third” round … no I personally have not observed any violations on the land, in addition to some minor, which is everywhere – and in Russia, including the”.
The most interesting that history has left almost no traces. Most pages jammed or denied access from Russia. So initially, the article Krupnova were located on Rosbalt. Now it’s not there.
But the video I finally found a roundabout way to Rutube. Here it is:

And while looking for videos about Rogozin I found a very interesting movie speech on independence true “Putintsev” and the fighter with “oranzhizma” Sergei Dorenko. Dorenko in his speech, apologizes to Ukrainians for the Putin and the Russians and hoped that soon the Maidan comes to Red square:

These two episodes demonstrate the extreme ambiguity of the current system. As we are interested in going to confront the West with Rogozin in the government, Chubais headed the state-owned companies, dorename in the media and other, other, other..?
Could such a system stand? If by chance “Dances with Nazis” and “Board Nazis”, given the past, the same Rogozin:

Or maybe the present?

Jun. 28th, 2016 03:56 am (local)
This is not a “fifth column”, and much worse: unprincipled and cynical people in authoritative and influential circles circles. Play the recording of “Russian patriotism”, and actually they do not know what to expect. Can at the event to arrange Maidan.
Those who act openly, not masquerading as patriots (like Gozman or Pivovarova), much less dangerous.

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