In Dagestan posthumous awards rebellious militants police


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Guardian of order even under the threat of execution refused to obey the militants and to encourage their friends to leave the police

Terrorists brutally tortured by Dagestani police, Magomed Nurbagandov will be awarded posthumously. The family of an officer will be awarded the Order of courage.
We will remind, the other day after a special operation in Izberbash one of the eliminated terrorists in a cell phone was found a video of the execution of several men from the village of Sergokala July 10, 2016, among them was 31-year-old police officer, Magomed Nurbagandov. Captured by the terrorists he got when vacationing with his colleagues in the forest.
– In the recording on the phone is clear and audible, like an armed terrorist at gunpoint, trying to get the police to tell the camera that his friends and brothers went to work in law enforcement bodies, – have informed in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dagestan. – This young policeman replies, referring to their loved ones: “Work, brethren.” After these words, the criminal kills a police officer.
Act unbroken by bandits police officer and his brave behavior in the face of certain death were admired throughout Dagestan. The Internet has created a petition asking the interior Ministry to reward the hero. The police responded to the voice of the public and decided to celebrate their fallen at the hands of insurgents colleague.

Militants kill rebellious COP. Recording found two months later after the massacre

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