India. Fragmentary copy-paste

Original taken from vaduhan_08 to Far from civilization.. India.

Original taken from elena_skan to Far from civilization.. India.

…wall, lined from almost anything, but with a claim to beauty…

…very clearly the difference between fresh and old walls, as if scorched by something.

MY COMMENT: and this method of securing the blocks we see in Greece, Peru, Istanbul on the graves of the second half of the 19th century…

The next few pictures are taken on the road, which for several miles winding between these “hills” – mounds of broken stones, blocks and stone chips. To pave the way to them in more accessible places podvigli in hand. And all this mash-up of many years standing, overgrown in the rainy season grass and bushes. And those few residents that everything has settled, slowly pulled apart myself surviving blocks and fragments, using as improvised material for the construction of dwellings and fences..

MY COMMENT 2: the most valuable thing in these piles not blocks, and debris of tool-builders, and was buried; when the scale of the wreckage should be without number.
For example, metal cutters can be calculated melting technology. But Indian architectural complexes, we show that without number, and tools – zero.

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