Industrial espionage in the arms market

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An article in the American publication The National Interest “Lethal 5 Chinese Weapons of War (Stolen or Copied from Russia and America” in which the author argues that China has a habit of stealing weapons technology from Russia and the United States, raising questions on deliveries of modern weapons to China.

Arms exports to China

Spring 2016 year in review, the Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI) said that China pushed France and Germany in the arms market and took third place in the arms market. And if the US increased its market share by 27% and Russia at 28%, Chinese arms exports by the results of 2011-2015 has grown at a staggering 88%.
The main buyer of Chinese military hardware was Pakistan (35% sold volume), followed by Bangladesh (20%) and Myanmar (16%).
Import of weapons by China
According to estimates SIRPI, in the period from 1991 to 2013, more than 80% of major conventional weapons, purchased by China, accounted for Russia.
During this period, Russia sold China su-27 and su-30 military transport aircraft, Mi-17 helicopters, mobile air defense system tor-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems s-300PMU1-2, submarines 636E and 877E, modern destroyers and a broad range missile technology.
But then the Russian arms exports to China decreased markedly.
In Moscow very much were concerned about unlicensed copying of Russian military equipment by Chinese manufacturers. For example, combat aircraft Chinese J-11B – a copy of the Russian su-27SK.
And apparently, this factor became the reason of delays in deliveries to China of modern Russian multi-role fighters su-35.
A contract for $2.5 billion
In November 2015 it was announced the conclusion of a contract for the supply of 24 su-35 to China worth about $2.5 billion.
Sources said that the fighters are as close as possible to the su-35S, supplied by the Russian space forces. In the framework of the state program of armaments, aerospace forces needs to obtain 96 su-35S by 2020.
Su-35 — multi-role fighter of the 4++ generation, the last aircraft built on the platform T-10C.
Contract negotiations went on for several years. China tried to buy a dozen aircraft licensed assemblies that were going to China.
Russia in such conditions are not agreed and ready to deliver more than 40 fighters, made in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
As a compromise, was a contract for the purchase of “only” 24, but produced in Russia.
Today continues the settlement procedure formalities, but what is worrisome – will the history repeat itself with the su-27SK, on the basis of which the Chinese made J-11B? Then the Chinese manufacturers have violated the agreement, created on the basis of a Russian sample own plane, putting on him his e-filling. Isn’t this now? After all, there is a real problem that the army (military developers) are unable to protect our technology.
On the one hand appreciate the fact that the Chinese steal from us then believe our technology is the best, and on the other hand, how do we defend against industrial espionage and clone our products?
Experts say that a similar technique to copy is almost impossible. Reverse-engineering could take years and when the producers will be able to create a “clone”, then it is likely that technology become obsolete.
Our manufacturers have only to complicate the task of copying to create the double take decades.
And, judging by the statement of the head of state Corporation “rostec” Chemezov, who said the supply of su-35 fighters to China in 2016 will not be, our engineers are working on this problem.

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