Interesting facts about green paint

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For born in the USSR Zelenka — a symbol of undying faith and a confident well-being. Zelenka was (and still is somewhere-anywhere) and universal tool in the fight against many diseases. However, not everyone knows what caused such popularity of this drug, why is he diamond and why the West medicine denies the use of such a magical healer.

1. Its history is rooted in the 19th century and the weaving industry. Young London chemist William Perkin at the time was developing drugs for malaria. The result of one of the experiments is a substance, painted in unnaturally bright violet color. To wash this color from the clothes was impossible. Resourceful father from an unexpected experiment “squeezed” practical use and opened a factory for the manufacture of aniline dyes.

2. The doctor used the dyes for their own purposes. They were stained preparations, to get a better view under the microscope the life of microorganisms. Suddenly the doctors found that one of the dyes namely brilliant green, kills germs. Since then, this antiseptic drug confidently entered the practice of medicine. Today invented many effective antiseptics, but Zelenka to give place to analogs in no hurry.
3. Zelenka in dry form is clumps of Golden-green color. The Latin name of the substance — Viride nitens, in a literal translation — a brilliant green. One of the scientists, translating the term into French, used the word brillant that does not contradict the meaning (brillant in one of its values — brilliant). Confusion has occurred in the translation from French to Russian. Brillant was used in the sense — brilliant. Among all the dyes brilliant green only differs in such a pompous name.
4. It should be noted that to date, the brilliant green is only used in Russia and some CIS countries. What causes such hostility from the rest of the world? European scientists find it difficult to give a clear answer. They argue dislike the following provisions:

The mechanism of action of green fodder poorly understood. To apply scrupulously the unexplored Western drug medicine is not going. Like to spend money and time on experiments with brilliant green
The aesthetic aspect. Well not like extremely civilized part of the planet, this way of “greening” of the patient. Something to spoil the appearance when we are surrounded by this abundance of invisible antiseptics?
By the way, the widespread belief that Zelenka is a strong carcinogen, in fact it may be only a myth. Relevant studies on this issue have not been conducted.

5. Did you know that:
for white rat dose is 0.05 g/kg — lethal dose,
brilliant green is used in industry for dyeing (cotton, silk, paper, etc.),
chemical formula Zelenka — C27H33N2*HC2O4*H2O,
in the days of Stalinist repression on the body of the executed prisoner number displayed is “green diamond”.

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