ISIS in the Philippines


The ISIS plague is spreading across the globe. Now The Philippines.
Fighters four extremist groups in the Philippines have merged and announced the creation of the island of Mindanao province of the “Caliphate” of the Islamic state. On Monday, reports Australian newspaper the Australian, according to which, the fighters swore allegiance to the leader operating in Syria and Iraq IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. To lead the Filipino “vilaet” (province) of this “Caliphate” will be one of the leaders of the terrorist group “Abu Sayyaf” Isnilon Hapilon.

Philippines (about 5 million Muslim population) – are in close relationship with the countries of South-East Asia, with China. It is unlikely China will be very glad the spread of radical Islamism in yet another hearth near by. If from its middle Eastern focus of distribution ISIL separated China Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Iran, the Philippines, separated only by the South China sea. Next is Indonesia with the world’s largest Muslim population. Again, next to the Philippines – not very friendly attitude towards China’s Taiwan. The story of the creation of the world anti-Communist League (VACL) in Taiwan, coupled with the history of ISIS, puts us all on the same “designers” – a special service of the USA.
How our “partners” will use a new appearing on the map pockets? What are “terminals” will be an interaction of the various pieces of ISIL? Is there a connection between the provocation, the DPRK, the response the U.S. positions in South Korea and the deployment of the strategic bomber B-52 from GUAM to UK? How these “gestures” the United States are associated with increased activity of China in the South China sea?
The sum of the answers to these questions will give us an idea of what direction will develop the crisis situation in South-East Asia.

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