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MASKI reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

Original taken from pomorjanka in the Mask is reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

Original taken from bav_eot in the Mask is reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

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The Deputy Director “of the Yeltsin centre” for scientific work Nikita Sokolov after his statements about the possibility to perpetuate the enemies of the Soviet Union, including supporters of General Vlasov, accused Накануне.RU in the “incorrect attacks” on “the Yeltsin centre”. According to him, close to the center of the project “the Last address” and the Yeltsin Fund not engaged in the perpetuation of any group (in particular, Vlasov), and “focus on the individual fate of the repressed”. However, the experts called this “reasoning” naive, but also stressed that the recent events “make the ask “Yeltsin centre” larger issues”. Because of the excuse of traitors and accomplices of Hitler followed by the education of the “new Vlasov”. Details – in the material Накануне.RU.
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As we reported earlier, Sokolov said that it is planned to consider the possibility of perpetuating the memory of the enemies of Soviet power, “which was part of a real battle group and was not rehabilitated, although nothing done. To them he attributed the “Vlasov”.
“Was really a real battle group, they are not rehabilitated, although nothing is done, that Vlasov is a big social problem. Let us finally raise this issue,” he said.
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However, after a large public outcry decided to soften his own statement, saying that journalists “do not understand”.
“With this study may well be that the person repressed the part of the stigmatized in the public mind of the group, personally or in any crimes and is innocent”, – Sokolov wrote on his page in Facebook.
“If you start one at a time to justify the collaborators, then sooner or later meet everyone. The experience of Ukraine – in front of us. Once you have rehabilitated one, expect that tomorrow will be rehabilitated next. This is the strategy and the technology of cracking the public consciousness. And the main purpose of these operations – gradual training of the population to betrayal. The task is not to justify Vlasov, and to prepare and educate new Vlasov”, – told Накануне.RU famous journalist, host of “Agitprop”, the author of the film “Biochemistry of betrayal” Konstantin Semin.
He stressed that there is continuity between the words of Nikita Solovyov, dissident military groups of the 1940s and won in Russia as a result of “Perestroika” liberals. According to the journalist, “vlasovschina” won in 1991 great strategic victory and all these 25 years secretly and silently dreamed of his rehabilitation.
“Despite the fact that the Soviet Union is gone, a traitor Vlasov and his followers left. And that’s a pain that they are struggling to wanted to pull”, – said Konstantin Syomin, adding that the statements of the management “of the Yeltsin centre” is another slap in the face to the public consciousness.
The original publication on Накануне.RU:
I want to note that Nikita Sokolov speaks frequently on radio “Freedom” and “Echo of Moscow”, published in online journals and describes himself as “a specialist in the formation of public consciousness.” It is important to stress that all of its activities, all the projects in which he takes part, bear the stamp of this “profession”.
And interestingly, the world has many of the great figures of culture and science, politicians who had a significant impact on the public consciousness that shaped and formed it over centuries. Only now none of them called themselves in this area “expert”. At least I have these statements do not recall.
And another remark. I think that one “specialist on the formation of social consciousness” I want to reduce to two words: manipulator of minds?
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