It is time to introduce volatile tribunals?

Original taken from oper_1974 in Time to introduce volatile tribunals?

Chairman of the Moscow police Union writes:

If someone starts to closely examine the situation in law enforcement bodies (Prosecutor’s office, the investigation, the police) and the courts, – and for this it is enough to read our Newspapers, watch TV, you will be terrified of the situation that has developed in the state with these “law enforcement”.

If someone has the money and large, he will be able to solve almost any problem with “law enforcement” if only “from above” has not passed the corresponding command, to disobey which is almost impossible.

The word law enforcement officers I took in quotation marks because, because I think that they are more strong protect their right to any tyranny, than the rights of other citizens.
What remains to do in such a situation the country’s leadership, which, I hope, understands the urgency of the problem?
The first – to leave everything as it is and slowly to fight corruption among mid-level leaders “of the law enforcement bodies and courts.
Notice the one “chopped off” the heads of this Hydra grows two. Need to cut almost to the very top, not midway, otherwise nothing good in the fight against corruption will not happen.
The second is to start a real fight against corruption.
At this I stop.
Offer the following:
To create the Tribunals of various levels, each of which needs to sostoyat of judge, Prosecutor, investigator, police officer, interior Ministry, FSB and defense counsel.
The tribunals should investigate only crimes committed by law enforcement officials and judges.
The selection of these Tribunals should be made by the FSO, by analogy with the jury, and created the corresponding private register of those who will be recruited on a temporary basis to the appropriate Tribunal.
Staff from one region should check out a different region.

The Tribunals (in accordance with their level) must be eligible for immediate initiation of criminal proceedings against any subject of law enforcement and the court in the investigation and decision-making. To each Tribunal, seconded to the national guard group of 10-15 people.
This is the main.
The details you can think of.
But if this or something similar is not done, we will see further distancing of the people from the government and possibly the collapse of the state, which will not happen from external influences, and corruption.
M. Pashkin

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